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Govt Museum CCTV ‘Blinded’ As Coverage Area Was Unlit

Published: 29th December 2013 07:57 AM

Last Updated: 29th December 2013 07:57 AM

The latest theft in the Government Museum at Egmore has highlighted the lack of adequate security on the premises that houses some of the most precious and historically significant artifacts.

CCTV cameras installed in the museum were of little help for investigators as there were no lights in its coverage area, police said.

“No clear footage was captured by the CCTV camera as the area was dark. The footage shows some movement on Thursday night but as there was no light, the recording was of no help,” said a senior police officer.

Police sources said this was the sixth theft attempt on the campus in the last few years. There is an exclusive police outpost to monitor activity on the campus that is spread across 14 acres.

“The police personnel posted on the campus go on rounds at night. But we feel that it is the failure of museum staff to properly check the premises and gallery for anyone hiding before closing it, which led to the theft,” said another police officer.

The police are yet to trace the culprits who stole meteorites displayed in the gallery two years ago. Similarly, in 2002, a rare second-century Buddha sculpture kept in the museum was stolen. In 2000, a pen pistol from the Anthropology section of the museum went missing.

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