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Battle of the wits at Landmark debate

Published: 10th October 2012 08:41 AM

Last Updated: 10th October 2012 08:41 AM

Participants of the finals of the Landmark debate didn’t have to put on their thinking hats for too long to come up with arguments for the given topic –

Should the social media be restricted or left alone?  When they restrict something, it means that the government wants to hide something, argued Reshma Ravipati, from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (Nungambakkam).

When someone hides something from us, we’ll only want to know more about it, she continued, supporting the idea that the social media required some form of restriction. Her teammate Amrutha Vasan added that it was up to individuals to either take the good or bad from the Internet, which she described as “dual in nature”.

The convincingly-dramatic Ajay Sundaram, along with his teammate Sushmita Mohan, also from PSBB Nungambakkam, using the same example as their competition, said that the speculation that rumours spread by external factors (most of which came from the social media) aggravated the whole Assam episode, is not completely far-fetched and hence, the social media needs to be regulated.

In the end, Sundaram and Mohan went home as winners, for not only their conviction, but also substantial debate.

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