Cherry: The Labrador in a Rottweiler’s body  

Express News Service | Published: 11th September 2018 10:47 PM

HYDERABAD : Dogs teach a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down”. This quote from Josh Billings (American humourist) holds true to me in every sense of the word. I have grown up loving dogs and I have had the privilege of having a canine companion who has literally turned my whole life around. This happened on my birthday three years ago. A close friend of mine called to wish me and said,“Come home and collect your gift.” I wasn’t surprised as it was a regular affair to go to his place and savour the delicious mutton curry his mother would make, so I made my way to his place thinking of the good food waiting for me.

When I reached, he received me at the gate and asked me to follow him to the back yard, which I diligently did. Around the corner, I see this most adorable Rottweiler puppy running toward me with boundless energy! And he said “Her name is Cherry and she is your birthday gift”. For a moment I remained speechless not knowing how to react, trying to wrap my head around what he had said. The next moment, I picked her up in my arms, ready to take her home without a second thought.

On that day began the journey, of a very special relationship which i would hold as the dearest in my heart for the rest of my life. However, it wasn’t easy initially as I had to convince my dad to let me keep her, which was the hardest part. Eventually, he gave in.  One thing I want to say about Cherry is, she is the sweetest Rottweiler anyone can come across, she breaks all the stereotypes associated with the breed. I have had people telling me that she is a Labrador in a Rottweiler’s body.

I live in an apartment now, and I never had an issue with this big bundle of energy 
getting accustomed to the smaller space. She is four years old and has developed into a fine animal with exemplary social skills and a regal personality. My life revolves around her and its not the other way around.

Ever since I brought her home, my lifestyle has drastically changed. She is my therapist and best friend, when I am low her antics never fail to bring a smile upon my face. She loves to run free on the vast roof top of my building, and all the kids in the building love playing fetch with her.  Every moment is a new adventure, and this quality of her’s rubs off on everybody around her. 

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