A step towards women-friendly Internet

By Aathira Haridas| Express News Service | Published: 08th September 2018 03:27 AM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:A sisterhood that helps in the growth of women; or rather a peer network for women. ‘SHEROES Communities for Women,’ an online community platform which has been envisaged to provide a new experience of the internet for women, is carving out a women-only space on the internet.

“It is like a ‘me space’ on the internet,” says founder and CEO of SHEROES Sairee Chahal. “You are at SHEROES for yourself and your dream. It is a women-only network where you get to be part of various communities of interest,” she says. And the community which has been helping out countless women across the country is all set to launch their activities in Kerala. 

For the first time, the SHEROES Summit is all set to be held in the state on Saturday. The city will play host to the event. Featuring a host of women achievers, the summit will be a celebration of iconic women personalities. “We are looking for more collaborations and have SHEROES in the vernacular,” Sairee says.

A tech entrepreneur who launched her first startup in the late 90s, Sairee knows the power of technology and internet. “ Women as a group on the internet can be formidable. The Internet can be a more compelling tool for women,” she says.

“It is a constructive safe space for women that provides a new experience of the internet. As women, when we are online, you are being spammed or judged. The whole intention is to make it a judgment-free safe space in order to facilitate constructive growth. Women get to create content, consume content, ask questions, share their work and grow together,” says Sairee.

SHEROES Summit in the city

“We have a significant member base from Kerala. We are celebrating women with big dreams in the summit. When you go back after the SHEROES Summit, you will feel inspired for the next 30 days to do something. It is an investment in yourself,” she says about the summit. The sixth edition of the summit will be held at UST Global Campus, Technopark Phase 2.

Collaboration with Kudumbashree

A collaboration with Kudumbasree is being pursued. “Kudumbasree is taking existing models and converting them in favour of women. Our philosophies are so close.  And so we are keen on collaborating with them,” she says.

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