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Scrapping of community quota in university appointments flayed

Published: 14th November 2012 11:22 AM

Last Updated: 14th November 2012 11:27 AM

CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has flayed the Kerala University’s move to scrap community reservation in appointments terming it as a dangerous move with far-reaching consequences.

 He asked the University to withdraw from the move.

  The new order of the University says that there was no need for complying with community reservation in case of reporting a single post of the  professor, reader and lecturer.

  This order is applicable to the post of Registrar and other appointments in the colleges affiliated to the University.

  Pinarayi said in a statement that it was after century-old struggles by various communities that the community reservation was allowed in the government appointments.

 He said that the University had taken a decision under the guise of complying with a Supreme Court order with regard to the appointment in a college outside the state.

  He alleged that the decision was taken with the knowledge and support of the Education Minister and the government.

 He said that if the new criteria was followed many private college managements would misuse the provision.

 In case of four vacancies in a college for various subjects, private managements could manipulate the reservation system by announcing it as single post in respective departments.

 And if there are two vacancies in a particular subject, they can announce only one vacancy and  make appointment without having to comply with the reservation system.

  He asked the government and the University to judiciously approach the Supreme Court decision.

 It is a heinous act to bypass the reservation system under the cover of the Supreme Court verdict.

 He asked the government and the University to withdraw from the move that would be against social justice.

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