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‘Love me tinder’ do dating apps work?

Today, I thought I’d discuss about something that has caught on as a result of the digital era on one hand and the franctic attempt to find a soulmate on the other. Call me crazy, but somewhere I feel that some

20 Feb 2017

Jaahnavi has always had a team of coaches who have stood by her and helped her train, reaching great milestones at a young age
View from the top

At 14, Hyderabad-based Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru is a record-breaking mountaineer, philanthropist, classical dancer and an artist. This multi-talented girl…

17 Oct 2016

Author Uday Gopalakrishnan (Photo| Uday Gopalakrishnan)
Infuse passion into your profession

Perhaps management students aren’t doing well in their jobs as their interest lies elsewhere, suggests author Uday Gopalakrishnan to Edex

17 Oct 2016

The volunteers also make sure that all the kids attend schools
Bend it like Becks, sway like a dream

This initiative is roping kids into school through soccer and dance, finds Parvathi Benu

16 Oct 2016

Moksh has composed music for three Bollywood movies and four regional Marathi movies for promotional rock covers
Marathi swag: a band that sings about Sachin and Shivaji

India’s first Marathi rock band, Moksh, has repeatedly pushed the envelope with their ambitious projects, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

16 Oct 2016

Founder of Moremilaga Vijayalakshmi Ganesh along with Ragini, the admin
They will remind you of your mother's cooking

A group of homemakers have come together to deliver authentic home-cooked food, finds Tushar Kaushik

10 Oct 2016

Gopikrishnan V and Finaz Naha(Pic:Albin Mathew)
Just click for your building materials

Who said that you can’t make e-commerce work for things like bricks and cement, asks Unnikrishnan S, as he checks out start-up BuildNext

10 Oct 2016

Surendran Krishnan
Pen pals lend a hand

This Bengaluru-based group is providing differently-abled students with scribes to write exams. Tushar Kaushik finds out what keeps the volunteer-driven Pen Pals going

10 Oct 2016

This ex-army major now fights the market

Tushar Kaushik speaks to ex-Army Major Prashant Rai who is now laying a siege on the service marketplace, with a plan

10 Oct 2016

Vision express: you don't need to see to succeed

Despite going blind very early on in life and losing everything, Bhavesh Bhatia didn’t let the darkness take charge, finds Sujitha J

10 Oct 2016

Grammar versus usage

What is the difference between grammar and usage?

10 Oct 2016

Author Ruskin Bond
Going  into the spooky realms of rusty

At 82, Ruskin Bond is still raring to go. This time he is ready to scare you with his tales of spooks as he talks to Seema Rajpal about ghosts, children and other notorious beings

10 Oct 2016

Detective Rajani Pandit
The under 'cover' life of a private eye

Masquerading as a mentally unstable woman is all in a day’s work for Rajani Pandit, India’s first female detective, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

10 Oct 2016

Fashion studies move beyond the 'image' trap

Learning how to produce clothes is just the tip of the iceberg in the industry, says Pearl Academy’s new CEO to Parvathi Benu

10 Oct 2016

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