Trataka  makes for an unpleasant watch

By A Sharadhaa| Express News Service | Published: 31st August 2018 09:59 PM

Film: Trataka
Director: Shiva Ganesh
Cast: Rahul Ainapur, Ajith Jayraj, Yash Shetty  and Hridaya Avanthi

Shiva Ganesh’s Trataka, title derived from a yoga pose, is quite in contrast to the name. The two-and-a-half hours is all about blood, murder and mystery behind series of murders.

The story about three friends -Jaidev aka Deva (Rahul Ainapur), Ravi (Ajith Jayraj) - police officers and Sharath (Yash Shetty), a doctor - gets a new twist when Deva’s brother Nikhil is found murdered, and when the chase begins .

In the bargain, a number of people, who are associated with Nikhil, are killed. Deva suffers from Complex Partial Seizure, but has not disclosed it to higher officials. According to Ravi, the disease has led him to the murders, including his own brother’s. A depressed Deva attempts suicide by jumping off a building. However, he is saved by his friends in the nick of time.

He is taken care of by Dr Pavithra Radhakrishna (Hridaya Avanthi), who has been studying his case, and helps him get over the disease through Trataka. As he recovers, he realises that he is not the real killer and that there is someone else behind this. Who is the culprit and how does Deva track him? This forms the crux of Trataka.

The film set in the dark, has tablework that is interesting, but fails to thrill with its narration. Only a couple of twists here and there manage to keep up the suspense. However, at no point, does the film make you sit at the edge of your seat. In fact, too many murders and bloodshed  make it unpleasant watch.

As for artistes, every actor is given prominence. All of them appear to be director’s actors. While special mention must be given to music director Arun Suradhaa, cinematographer, Vinod Bharathi’s work doesn’t help the film. Despite the film’s plot revolving around murder and the consequent effects on mental health, Trataka’s tale isn’t gripping enough.

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