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Beyond the bikini

Published: 18th October 2013 11:19 AM

Last Updated: 18th October 2013 11:19 AM

None of her four Bollywood releases could garner Aditi Rao Hydari as much mileage as her recent bikini clad photos (in the film Boss). In a series of media interviews, the actress wondered what the fuss was all about. “I have worn a bikini at the age of four. I have that innocent face. I don’t think it clashes with glamour. There is more to me than a bikini,” she laughs.

Package deal

Boss, that came after last year’s money spinner, Murder 3, is yet another attempt to pump up the glamour quotient. “As an actor, I want to be desirable, try different kind of roles. Boldness is not about a bikini and kissing scenes. Can’t we combine talent and glamour? I will do glamorous roles as long as it is filmed by the right people. There is nothing wrong in having a good body and being a good actor,” shoots the lady. Having said that, she admits that in Boss (remake of malayalam film, Pokkiriraja), starring Akshay Kumar and Shiv Pandit, she is not just eye-candy. “After Murder 3, where I played a glamor-ous character and the light, romantic one in London, Paris Newyork, I wanted to play a complete commercial Bollywood heroine. I really wanted that accep-tance,”she confides.

On the fashion charts

She admits her Bollywood career that started with Delhi 6, didn’tcome easy, considering she had to fight a lone battle without godfathers. “There have been days when I have cried. I don’t take things for granted. But then does anything in life come easy?” she says. And is the media too  critical of an actress’ sartorial choic-es? “It’s just that we are featured wrongly at times. Like there was a time, I wore gumboots when it was raining and I was called a fashion disaster. I have a certain sense of aesthetics and I am used to being called ‘pixie’ and ‘petite’. I am used to it, why should I try to be someone else? Today, I have more access to designers. it is part of our job to look good,” she signs off.

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