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Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal - a Decent Family Entertainer Despite Minor Glitches

Published: 17th February 2014 02:45 PM

Last Updated: 17th February 2014 02:47 PM

There is no lucid plot, the screenplay more like a chain of incidents strung together. It seems like the director has rehashed several old plots, rearranging the sequences. The narration moves in bits and pieces giving it a disjointed feel. There is no attempt to lend the happenings or the characters depth and intensity. But what makes it pleasant viewing despite the glitches, is the director's attempt to make each of the episodes humorous and watchable.

It's the second film for both Udhayanidhi (after OKOK) and Prabhakaran ('Sundarapandyan') as hero and director, respectively. The actor (his home production) shows marked improvement and is much more fluid and confident in his performance and dancing, though the dance choreography is still at a minimalist level.

Udhayanidhi plays Kathir, a confirmed bachelor and a staunch Hanuman devotee. When his estranged sister returns home after a tiff with her husband (Chaya-Bharath), Kathir secretly goes to Coimbatore to resolve the issue with his brother-in-law, where he meets his old school friend (Santhanam) and falls for neighbour Pavitra (Nayanthara) whose family had a running feud with his brother-in-law. With both his father and his brother-in-law turning against him, the film is about how he solves the issues and gains his love. The comedy here is milder and subtler that it was in OkOk. Santhanam, again a key support, never fails to entertain when he is in the frame.

The problems seem superficial, no serious issues to be solved, and the villain (Sunder Ramu) is half-hearted. There are too many dream-songs intruding. But whenever the narration threatens to turn monotonous, the director pops up with another interesting act. Hilarious is the whole Mayilsamy episode where the actor gets to display his skill in mimicry.

Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal may not be a great film. But it's a fairly decent family entertainer that wouldn't bore one.

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