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This Fantasy-comic Flick is Low on Humour Quotient

Published: 01st December 2013 07:17 PM

Last Updated: 01st December 2013 07:17 PM

Four friends and a bachelor’s like ‘Hangover’ 2”, says one of the four friends in the film. “Don’t confuse the audience... it’s no ‘Hangover’”, replies another. Well, both are right in a way. While the touch point is no doubt ‘Hangover’, this fantasy-comic flick reminds one of quite a few other films as well. It is directed by debutant Chandru, a former associate of directors Amudhan and Venkat Prabhu.

The plot centres around four carefree buddies (Jai, V T V Ganesh, Satyan, Rajkumar) with a love for the bottle. With Jai’s marriage round the corner, the quartet decides on a trip to Bangkok for a ‘bachelor party’. Each of the four has a commitment and a deadline to meet, and decide to make it a one-week trip. But gods will otherwise and they find themselves in an unusual situation.

The early scenes of Jai falling for Niveda, and later trying to watch her unobserved from hidden places, has some interesting moments. Jai essays them effortlessly, bringing out the humour in the situations. Meanwhile, gods hatch a plot to teach a lesson to the friends, with the narration shuttling between the two worlds. The gods are all hi-tech, with iPads, mobiles and even speaking English.

The first half is laced with double en tend re, and rare witty one-liners. In the second half it seems like we’ve left ‘Hangover’ behind, and strayed into the ‘Castaway’ plot. There are references to mythology, Tamil films and actors and TV serials. While the first part seems more for an adult audience, the second half appears crafted for children. With the situations turning juvenile and monotonous at times, it’s V T V Ganesh who steals the scene here. His act after a coconut falls on his head in a deserted island is hilarious.

The message conveyed is no doubt socially relevant. But the film becomes a tad too preachy and serious towards the end. With the genuinely fun moments few and far between, there’s not much to entice a viewer here.

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