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Actress Trisha Loses Her Canine Caddy

Published: 11th December 2013 07:50 AM

Last Updated: 11th December 2013 07:57 AM

A dog who indirectly changed the destiny of several other homeless mongrels, is no more. And it’s owner, Trisha, is incosolable about the loss. It was after she raised Cadbury (Cady) that Trisha avidly began supporting animal causes and adoption drives by the Blue Cross of India, which really raised the number of dog and cat adoptions in the city, “Trisha would say often that she came to know the value of a mongrel only after Cadbury came into her life. Ever since then she’s been actively endorsing having Indian dogs as pets. In fact, it was after this incident that PETA contacted her, and she started campaigning for them,” said Trisha’s mother, Uma Krishnan. Cadbury passed away after a recent surgery for a stomach tumor. Though he recovered from the surgery, he couldn’t breathe and had a cardiac arrest. “Trisha is devastated, she is at a loss for words and in total pain,” she added.

Apparently, Cadbury had been with Trisha for the past ten years. Trisha would always say, “Cadbury found me and its not the other way round.” She was shooting at a studio in Hyderabad 10 years ago, for the Siddharth flick, Nuvvostante Nennodantana, when she ran into a  badly injured mongrel puppy who was in great pain. His pelvis was crushed and his leg broken. Trisha instantly picked him up, nursed him and took care of his medical needs till he recovered. He couldn’t pass motion since the passage had been crushed and had to undergo surgery.They instintively developed a deep bond. She named him Cadbury and he’s been with her ever since. His death is a big blow to her.”

On hearing the news, actor Siddharth had tweeted his consolation to Trisha. Uma says, “Siddharth was with Trisha all through in Hyderabad. He would massage Cadbury’s legs, and he too developed a bond with the dog, so he knows what Cadbury meant to her. Trisha currently has a Beagle called Zoya, but the loss of Cadbury has left an unfillable hole in her heart.

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