Bengaluru: Millennials log out of ‘boring’ social media

College students quit social media, they say virtual world is fake and does not connect people, rather distances them.

New system to spot fake Facebook, Twitter accounts

The method is based on the assumption that fake accounts tend to establish improbable links to other users in the networks.

Google testing landmark-based navigation to tell directions

It said that the feature has only been seen in the New York City and Google has not announced whether the update would be rolled out widely.

Facebook wearable device helps 'feel' words on your arm

Facebook researchers have created a wearable device that taught people to feel words on their arms, causing vibrations in patterns that match up with certain sounds.


Healthier food likely to get more wasted

Of the 22 food groups that participated in the research, 39 percent of vegetable-based diets were wasted followed by 17 percent of dietary foods and 14 percent of meat dishes were wasted.

Decoded: How HIV evades immune system

The researchers found that HIV virus blocks a pathway and thus avoids the immune response that is designed to cure the viral infection.

Aphrodisiac stamens that help treat leprosy

Stamens are the male reproductive part a flower containing numerous pollen grains. 


Mother's depression may lower child's IQ: Study

Researchers from University of California surveyed about 900 healthy children and their mothers living in Santiago, Chile at five-year intervals from the child's infancy through age 16.


The obsessive compulsive traveller

Johann Binny Kuruvilla’s thirst for travel was so insatiable he quit his high-profile job to fulfil his passion and his blog is hugely popular among travel enthusiasts

Simplified visa procedures has seen growing interest to visit newer destinations: Thomas Cook

Travel services firm Thomas Cook today said there is a growing interest among Indians to visit newer tourist destinations overseas as visa procedures have been simplified in many countries.

A date with history

The streets of Poonamallee are dotted with history, heritage, discoveries of Chola inscriptions, and traces of Vijayanagara empire, says historian Nivedita Louis in her three-hour walk

A tour of Madras’ past in an auto rickshaw

Nearly 50 French nationals residing in Chennai took part in the Rickshaw Rally to explore the city on Sunday


Utterly, ghee-ly delicious

Next time you visit Almond House, the sweet house in KPHB, do speak to the manager and head to the third and fourth floor of their building.

Happy and Hearty

Celebrate Bengali New Year this weekend with choicest menu at select restaurants in the city

The taste of Bengal

At united kitchens of india explore the flavours of the region with their exclusive dishes


Chef's Special

The master chef talks to us about the upcoming trends in food and how eating is spiritual as well. Read on find out more from him on cuisines and cooking

Former FBI Director James Comey. (AP)

Book review | Truth, torture, Trump and more in James Comey's explosive memoir

This is Comey's memoir with the parts on Clinton and Trump the highlights, but the good lawyer he is, he builds up to them, showing why he acted the way he did by detailing his career and life.

Book review: 'The Art of the Wasted Day' explores silence and solitude

Hampl suggests that the America Dream is built on a life that thrives.

Book review: 'The Recovering' shatters addiction and recovery myths

Jamison's exploration of how culture impacts the direction that addiction takes people is, while not new, framed in a nuanced context, giving new breath and voice to an old problem.

The life and times of a street dog

Have you ever loved someone so much that you wanted to write stories about them? Fourteen-year-old Anjali Venkatesh’s affection towards dogs motivated her to write a book. “


Motives and intentions ignite sustainable development

We all know that whenever a human being engages into an action, he does so with some motive or some intention. Right?. Even when a person explains, at the end of an action, that he had no

Finding your inner self

Acting knows no barriers. An honest access into one's body and mind are the only requirements to express what is visualised in the mind, says actor Hima Shankar, who joined hands with her team of frie

How to understand the journey of your life, and not let fear in your way

For all our complex problems, we  unfortunately rely on other experts and specialists to solve them. Religions throughout the world offer various forms of escape from them. It was thought that science

Adi Sankara Nilayam, the ancestral home of Adi Sankaracharya | Express Photo

Knowledge brings everlasting peace

It takes great compassion and tireless effort to do what Sankaracharya did by way of clearing the cobwebs in the minds of people.