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Quoting WhatsApp text renders 'delete' feature defunct

Last year, WhatsApp rolled out this feature to allow users to revoke messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group.

Selling every handset, not dumping units in secret warehouses: Xiaomi India

Xiaomi is actually selling smartphones faster than any other brand in the country.

Microsoft's Bing to gain as Google kills 'view image' button

Following Google's move, several users will migrate to Microsoft's Bing and Startpage.

Google's firing of anti-diversity memo author was legal: Labour board

The memo claims that when it comes to technology, there is a biological differences between men and women.


Brain’s language functions get changed after perinatal stroke

The study stated that a stroke in a baby - even a big one - does not have the same lasting impact as a stroke in an adult. 

New tech for stroke recovery treatment

The sensors aid in the diagnosis and treatment of aphasia, a communication disorder associated with stroke.

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WHO releases its 2018 Blueprint list of priority diseases

WHO calls for unity in greater R&D efforts for these 8 diseases to develop treatments and vaccines.

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Here's why you should leave your shoes on when flying

According to a recent report, roaming bare feet in an aircraft can get you an infection.

The hot spring hotspot

In the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, geothermal activity like bubbling mud pools and boiling geysers make Rotorua a unique but sulphurus destination

Crazy call of the wild

IIM graduate Alankar Chandra turns his passion for travelling into a successful business

A stroll through the artworks of historic Holland

Entering the 17th-century cheese farm “Catharina Hoeve” was like stepping back in time.


Lukhmi, the Mince Stuffed Hyderabadi Savoury

Lukhmi, the flaky savoury is defiintely one of the scrumptious snacks of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Bringing Bangkok to the streets of Hyderabad 

The Street Food festival promises to bring the streets to life with authenticity.

Fishy affair with Bengali flavours

Have an early dinner at Esplanade that is hosting a fish festival

Do you like your tea black, green or purple?

Three Bengalureans are trying to revive teas that Indians once had before the British Raj decimated them.
They are starting with the purple tea made from a tropical flower.


How the wheel of time turns

A simplistic mingling of mystical symbolism which cannot move to the next level, as the author seems happy to keep the tension going

The novel seeks to capture defining moments in the troubled transitional period of a nation

The novel seeks to capture defining moments in the troubled transitional period of a nation

The jimmy choos to wear in 2018

If you’re wondering which ‘it’ shoes everyone is going to wear this year, we’ve got the answer.

Sarajevo decides against honouring Turkish author and Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk

It was believed to be prompted by the writer's opposition to the politics of Turkish president Erdogan and "fear ... of Erdogan", a municipal council committee person said.