The logo for LinkedIn Corporation is shown in Mountain View, California | Reuters

LinkedIn introduces Resume Assistant into Microsoft Word

LinkedIn has launched a useful feature called Resume Assistant to bring the insights of the professional networking site directly into Microsoft Word.

Facebook brings in disaster response tools to India

The US-based firm will offer 'disaster maps data' that illustrate aspects like people's movement and concentration of Facebook users in the given area before and after a calamity.

At 52%, Apple iOS 11 adoption lags behind previous versions

iOS 11 adoption has been slower than iOS 10 adoption last year but the number of devices with the update installed has grown steadily since the new update was released.

Twitter doubles character limit to 280 for 'nearly' everyone

Twitter says it's ending its iconic 140-character limit -- and giving nearly everyone 280 characters except - users tweeting in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Indians prefer YouTube for music, Facebook for news: Study

Indian internet users largely consume music content on Youtube, while they prefer to catch news updates on Facebook, a study has showed.


Dental care may curb obesity in children

The study found a direct relationship between poor dental health leading to a rise in BMI (Body Mass Index) and extra body fat.

'Golden' potato may boost Vitamins A, E

Potato is the staple food in some Asian, African and South American countries that have a high incidence of Vitamin A and E deficiencies.

Leg ulcers? Just sweat them out

Patients with leg ulcers, you may want to hit the gym as according to a recent study, exercise may help you heal faster

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'Midnight snacking may up heart disease, diabetes risk'

Eating during the night may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes by disrupting the body's biological clock, a study warns.

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Vitamin D may boost recovery in burn patients

Patients with severe burns who have higher levels of Vitamin D recover more successfully than those with lower levels, researchers claimed to have found.


India holds its top spot for tourism in Dubai

Saudi Arabia and the UK also retained their positions as Dubai's second and third largest feeder markets. 

The hanoi hustle

The Vietnam capital is a heady mix of everything from old and new to communism and capitalism

Experience power, natural beauty of real volcano in Japan

With its combination of water and lush green vegetation, the park boasts diverse scenery and abundant hot springs.

Musings of majestic meadows

In the shadow of towering snow-clad peaks of the Gangotri region, the quaint village of Raithal offers an unmissable abundance of nature


Fans go nuts as makers secretly change Nutella’s recipe!

Nutella fans are angry as their favourite chocolate-and-hazelnut spread now has a new recipe.

Feasting gourmet delicacies on wheels

If you are a sluggish office worker, a hungry college-goer or a family looking for quality meals, then the second edition of Horn OK Please, food truck festival, is your place to go.

India enters Guinness World Record by cooking 918 kg khichdi dish

A team of 50 chefs led by Sanjeev Kapoor cooked 918kg khichdi at the World Food India event in an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records.


Did you know humans began eating grapes 22,000 years ago?

People may have been eating grapes before they domesticated the fruit as an agricultural crop.

Author Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond autobiography wins literary award 

"Lone Fox Dancing: My Autobiography" has been awarded this year's Atta Galatta-Bangalore Literature Festival Book Prize in the non-fiction category.

The Bhojpuri Kitchen: Book review

A trained chef explores the varied cuisine of the state and describes her discovery of the "bhansa ghar" in a new book.

Playboy magazine features first transgender model as its playmate

Rau appears in a pictorial and centrefold in Playboy's issue, which pays tribute to Hugh Hefner, who died last month.

'My book is account of political drama unfolding'

Pranab Mukherjee said that his latest autobiography steered clear of any personal details.


Allow god to work in his own way

Today the way we live depends on the state of our mind. Every moment our joy, happiness and bliss depend on how we think.

Desires should be dharmic

Many people doubt why they have to undergo suffering in spite of having surrendered themselves to God.

How the World heard the Ramayana

The great sage Valmiki taught the Ramayana to the two little cherubs who were growing in his ashram—Lava and Kusha. They also recited it beautifully to all the rishis present there.

Senses are like a beautiful organisation

The body we can see. The thoughts others cannot see, but we know we have a mind and we know the state of our mind.