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Grilled anchovy fillets over flatbread | Reuters
How A Basque Chef Smokes Out Food’s Subtle Natural Flavors

When my friend Andoni Luis Aduriz invited me to dinner in Spain's Basque countryside, I knew the food would be wonderful.

29 Sep 2016

Food bytes

Grilled aubergine with Basil vinegretteIngredients● White vinegar: 1 tbsp● Extra virgin olive oil:7 tbsp● Rock salt: 1 tsp● Coarsely ground black…

24 Sep 2016

The white elephant awards

Thank god I don’t live in that universe with their Sirloins and sir-jis; it is so much better here

24 Sep 2016

One-day-chief o' melo

The cultural performances might be touristy, opens doors to the tapestry of a culture-rich past about an Indonesian village

24 Sep 2016

Soul snacks from Michael's kitchen

Chef Michael’s new restaurant in Bhubaneswar serves up low high protein and calorie recipes

24 Sep 2016

Save the Pan Bagnat! lovers of this overstuffed tuna sammie unite

Pan bagnat, a sandwich bursting with all manner of delicious Mediterranean goodies, is the quintessential street food of the city of Nice, France.

24 Sep 2016

Fig and dried fruit salsa with a turkey burger and house made whole wheat pita bread prepared by chef Christine Denney at Oaks at Ojai | Reuters
Sweet figs: 3 healthy recipes that need no sugar

Here’s the challenge. Create a daily spa menu with 1,000-1,200 calories.

21 Sep 2016

Serving up a Parsi punch from Persia

Nonagenarian Aqa Boman Kohinoor’s Britannia & Co in Mumbai serves authentic Parsi flavours

17 Sep 2016

Take Zucchini On A European Adventure With These 3 Recipes

Zucchini? Or courgettes? Same difference; it just depends where you live.

16 Sep 2016

Corn, potato and shrimp chowder with bourbon | Reuters
Chowder the right way: Any way you like it

Once, you couldn't make a chowder in New England without purists frowning over your shoulder.

15 Sep 2016

5 easy broccoli salads to celebrate summer’s end

Broccoli is a vegetable that makes for a wonderful salad. Its bright green color and crisp-tender texture can be appealing if cooked properly.

14 Sep 2016

Burnt pineapple salad with sweet and sour dressing

6● Brown sugar: 1 tbsp● Rock salt: 1 tsp● Thai sweet sour sauce● Rocket leaves: 2 cups● Mixed nuts: 2 tbsp Directions● Place the pineapple…

10 Sep 2016

Do the karipatta twist

The humble curry leaf is undergoing a smacking makeover as a zingy inclusion in cocktails

10 Sep 2016

Close up of Fogo Island sea salt. My request to purchase a small portion was sadly denied because of the tiny quantity produced | Reuters
Capturing mineral-rich sea salt’s perfection is pure pain

Timothy Charles, at the exquisite Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, showed me the precious harvest in his palm.

09 Sep 2016

Craving for thin-crust pizzas can be satisfied now

A tip: please sprinkle your food with the variety of olive oils on your table while you sip on a chilled glass of Ginger Mint Mojito.

07 Sep 2016

If you are in Seoul, these Soju Tents are a must visit

Soju tents once dotted the Korean landscape like craters on Mars.

07 Sep 2016

The sweet French flair

UK-based pastry chef Shaheen Peerbhai, who will soon be in Delhi to teach creative layered French patisserie, talks about her specialities and what drives her.

03 Sep 2016

5 cool desserts perfect for sweltering summer days

Topping my roster of simple desserts that can be effortlessly whipped together is syllabub.

02 Sep 2016

3 Italian zucchini recipes for a bumper crop

If you’ve ever grown your own zucchini, then you know how prolific the plant’s fruit can grow -- so plentiful you can’t give them away.

02 Sep 2016