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How these fashion, food, fitness, travel and technology trends shaped 2017 in more ways than one

The world becoming increasingly globally local every, modern cuisines are being served on tables across various restaurants along with newer fashion trends making an appearance.

26 Dec 2017

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The various shades of tea to devour this winter

For those who love their morning cuppa, here is a peek into the various shades of tea and the many reasons why this love affair should continue.

17 Dec 2017

Just desserts

Christmas is around the corner and so are sinfully delicious goodies. But there is more than the good ol’ plum cake as new age Indian chefs open a world of possibilities with ‘experimental sweets’  By

16 Dec 2017

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Cup of hot tea a day can keep glaucoma away

New research shows drinking a cup of hot tea at least once a day can lower the risk of developing glaucoma, a serious eye condition.

15 Dec 2017

Quirky is the new cool

Be it menus, interiors or themes, Ahmedabad-based entrepreneurs sure know how to turn the mundane cafes into something that promises an array of adventure 

09 Dec 2017

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Drink your way to a smarter you with wine

Now here's another reason to raise a toast as according to an expert, it can also make your brain function more efficiently.

09 Dec 2017

The winter elixir

Recently, when pollution hit an alarmingly high level, just like last year, we hit an even higher note of concern.

02 Dec 2017

Chettinad finds Kerala kitchen

Food lovers rejoice as the Anjappar restaurant chain enters the state with its first outlet in Kochi.

02 Dec 2017

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Japan and China dominate list of world's top restaurants

Japan and China have more of the world's best restaurants than anywhere else, according to the La Liste ranking.

29 Nov 2017

Moringa oil
Marvels of moringa oil

There are some distinct ingredients that add a unique taste to our cooking, and our favourite dishes become less interesting without them.

25 Nov 2017

Open air restaurants at Drosselgasse
A barrel of beauty

Rudesheim am Rhein in Germany, surrounded by vineyards on terraced slopes and with a population of 10,000, draws 1.5 million tourists per year.

25 Nov 2017

Kadhi Chawal
Plateful of warmth

Chef Manu Chandra, who recently launched the One Bowl Winter meals at his restaurants across India, talks about his work strategy, goals and life

25 Nov 2017

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Beef in the buff? Paris opens first nudist restaurant

Clothes must be left in the cloakroom along with mobile phones, to prevent people from sneaking a photo of their fellow customers.

22 Nov 2017

Dishfuls of delicacies from culinary cultures

Chefs from across the country present heritage dishes, and recipes from their family kitchens in new avatars making a personalised statement.

18 Nov 2017

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The future of wine: Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise wine-buying

Over the next few decades, the wine ecosystem would undergo a sea change, right from the manner in which consumers buy wine to involvement of machines in the production.

15 Nov 2017

Watch out for the consequences before you continue disrupting your food habit

It is found that women are majorly affected by the eating disorder, also defined as a mental disorder that causes abnormal eating habits and negatively affects a person's physical or mental health.

13 Nov 2017

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Which one of these types of wine drinkers are you?

In a recent study conducted by the Michigan State University, the golden rules of wine pairing should be thrown out of the window.

12 Nov 2017

Winter poppy seed milk

2 tbsp ● Almonds crushed: 1 tbps ● Milk: 250 ml ● Sugar: As per taste ● Desi ghee: 1 tbsp ● Saffron: A few strands Method ● Heat oil in a…

11 Nov 2017

Judging by the cover

Today I am going to the write about the most comfortable restaurant in the history of restaurants.

11 Nov 2017

The Astral Loop-Glass Dessert
Pastry queen’s eureka moment

Goa-based chef and Pastry Queen of India  Eureka Aruajo gets set to showcase her culinary finesse in Italy in January.

11 Nov 2017

Did you know mushrooms may have anti aging potential?

A team of Penn State researchers found mushrooms are rich in antioxidants that scientists say could be used fight aging and boost general health.

10 Nov 2017