Dispelling myths about obesity

Express News Service | Published: 25th April 2019 10:30 AM

He has been working in the fresh produce industry for over 18 years, so it is safe to assume that Chris Bavin knows a thing or two about good food. The 39-year-old British presenter, who is the co-host in many of the channel’s popular lifestyle shows such as Eat Well for Less, Britain’s Best Home Cook, Britain in Bloom, Food: Truth or Scare, his latest show, The Truth About Obesity, offers insights into the factors contributing to obesity, exploring genetics, behavioural patterns, and more. Excerpts:

Obesity has been a major concern world over, and India has been grappling with the same. As a presenter of the show, where do you think the problem lies?
Historically, it has been said that people who are suffering from obesity eat too much and don’t do any exercise. That was a popular belief. But the series shows you that it not the case, and there are many factors involved. 

We look in-depth at the food environment, what’s selling off, our body’s ability to burn calories and even at gut bacteria. It is interesting to look at the genetics because it is said that you can be genetically predisposed to not weight gain/loss.

How is this show different from others you have done?
Food has obviously played a part, but it’s not a typical food show. It is more about people’s health, what factors play a role in weight gain and why it happens.

What is the one startling truth about obesity that holds true for all individuals?
The most important thing that I believe in is that if you are suffering from obesity you are not completely to be blamed. There are other factors involved, we also try hard to prevent or reverse [cases], so that you are not blamed and not helpless. That’s the most important thing.

The Truth About ObesityApril 27, 9 pm
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