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Whole grain may reduce risk of heart disease

Participants taking antihypertensive medication were instructed to maintain medication usage throughout.

21 Oct 2016

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World Osteoporosis Day: Not just women, but men can also get osteoporosis

October 20 is viewed as World Osteoporosis Day

20 Oct 2016

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Why older people struggle to follow speech decoded: Study

Researchers have determined that something is going on in the brains of older adults that causes them to struggle to follow speech.

19 Oct 2016

Look out for physical root of depression!

Depression affects the part of the brain which is implicated in non-reward.

19 Oct 2016

Maternal obesity may affect biological age of children

Higher body mass index (BMI) in women before pregnancy can lead to shorter telomere length.

18 Oct 2016

Alzheimer's disease.
Sensor to detect vitamin B12 deficiency in a jiffy

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

18 Oct 2016

A dozer unloads wheat next to a ship at Mundra Port in the western Indian state |Reuters
Wheat protein can worsen chronic health conditions

A protein in wheat can lead to the development of inflammation in tissues.

17 Oct 2016

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IVF may reduce birth defects for women above 40

Fewer birth defects likely in babies born to women aged 40 and above from assisted reproduction technologies, shows study

17 Oct 2016

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High-stress jobs can lead to early grave

The new study highlights the benefits of job crafting, a relatively new process that enables employees to mold and redesign their job to make it more meaningful.

17 Oct 2016

New low-cost method may provide hope for leukemia patients

Swedish scientists in a breakthrough research have found a highly cost-effective technology which can examine individual cells in leukemia.

16 Oct 2016

Different sorts of chocolates are displayed during the first symposium on cacao and chocolate of Latin America | AFP
Good news for Chocoholics: Dark chocolates may boost heart health

 Chocoholics, rejoice! Scientists have found that consuming flavanol-rich cocoa products such as dark chocolates may benefit cardiovascular health.…

15 Oct 2016

On the path of reinvention

It seems revamp is the flavour of the season for brands synonymous with direct selling. While Amway and Oriflame reinvented their products range, US-based cosmetics brand Avon shifted its headquarters

15 Oct 2016

Eye care in times of digital devil

Constantly looking at television or computer screens can make your eyes dry

15 Oct 2016

Nothing sweet about it

American health expert Dr Phil Maffetone talks about the importance of a sugar-free and healthy diet

15 Oct 2016

Rema Devi (centre) and daughters Soundariya (right) and Anjana  in Little Lavish | R Satish Babu
Lavish gift from three musketeers

Little Lavish, a new shop-in-shop concept from Thai Sabha spa in Chennai, offers lifestyle, home
décor and wellness products from across China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand

15 Oct 2016

Global Handwashing Day
Global Handwashing Day 2016

As we observe Global Handwashing Day on October 15, we know that handwashing with soap  is a powerful diarrhea prevention tool. Handwashing with…

15 Oct 2016

A graduate student works on analyzing samples to identify the Zika virus in a laboratory. (FIle | AP)
Zika virus unlikely to infect same person twice: Study

New research found that the infection provides excellent protection against reinfection.

14 Oct 2016

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New study uses brain receptors to suppress cocaine addiction

DREADDs is one of the most promising gene therapies for future treatment of addiction in humans.

13 Oct 2016

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Exercise beneficial for patients with type 1 diabetes

The patients in the study group who engaged in aerobic exercise benefited by improving their metabolic control and reducing their insulin requirement as compared to those who did not exercise.

13 Oct 2016

Youssef Majeed practicing yoga
War survivor teaches yoga in Syria

Youssef Majeed practises and teaches yoga, ideally the most peaceful of pursuits. But, he does so in Lebanon and Syria and even when a war is tearing…

13 Oct 2016

When kids get aches in joints

When kids complain about pain in joints, it is mostly believed and considered that lack of calcium is the main reason behind it. The concern moms make…

13 Oct 2016