Attaining Divine Wisdom

By Shri Shri Nimishananda| Published: 09th September 2018 05:00 AM
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Today, let us discuss the different ways to get to pure divine wisdom. Most of us think wisdom is everything to do with our brain and intellectual capacity. We depend on external sources such as books, the internet and other learning aids to absorb and grasp the knowledge on different subjects. However, we are unaware of the ancient ways of our rishis and enlightened beings, who were embodiment of wisdom themselves. 

They depended solely on their intuition or prerna to tap the pure wisdom tank inherent in them. They say: ‘Sheer grace, sadhana without expectations, poorva janma sanskar as well as this birth’s sanskar are factors that help us tap our inner wisdom. The inner elixir once tapped through sadhana techniques like meditation helps us tap our soul—the storehouse that treasures infinite wisdom.’  

Once we are set on this spiritual quest, we are constantly on the mode of divine experiences which are again recognised by the brain as an experience. This is when the factors ‘unconditional’ and ‘without expectations’ should be taken extremely seriously and with a lot of awareness. If we get hyper or egoistic about our experiences, we miss out on greater experiences as the ego misinterprets the entire happening. Being a mere witness to all the experiences contributes further to our inner wisdom. 

Whenever our personal experiences match and substantiate the inner wisdom of the soul, it becomes the Upanishads. These Upanishads become pure statements of shuddha vidya without the trace or shadow of ego but potent with immense power, capable of activating the soul power in others. This has exactly been the experience of the rishis. They started their journey with poorva janma sanskar; the present birth sanskar nurtured their growth further. 

Sadhana led them to mystical experiences. They offered the fruits of these experiences back to the creator and made note of the path that led them to this state. They heard mystical sounds at the sub-sonic, ultra-sonic and super-sonic levels which an ordinary mortal would not have been able to hear. They were able to have visions of divine beings. These experiences didn’t boost their ego.   

Parallelly, they made a note of intuitive wisdom that flowed perennially from their soul. They combined it with feelings of their heart and brought it out through power of speech as well as through writing. That is how the scriptures came into existence. The power of inner wisdom is such that it can transform an ordinary mortal into an immortal being. That is why the rishis are immortal beings.

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