Now, Sawari app will take care of fluctuating fuel prices

By Meenakshy Menon| Express News Service | Published: 03rd September 2018 07:01 AM

KOCHI:Do you find it difficult to keep track of the fluctuating fuel prices and calculate mileage of your vehicle? Now, here is an app titled Sawari to give you a complete picture of your fuel transactions.

“Once you download the app, you can start updating the details. This includes the date of filling the fuel, how much money was paid, mileage and kilometres travelled,” said Raghunath who developed Sawari. He noted  this helps in maintaining a track record and can be noted each time a person goes to fill fuel. “Which stretch of the journey consumed more fuel or which one had a greater mileage can be known through the app,” he added.

At the month-end, through Sawari, people can get to know the complete transactions. “One doesn’t have to remember or note it down in a book. The app brings all fuel-related information under one roof,” he said. He mentioned for people who often take long-distance trips, the app can be used to gain a full picture of the kilometres covered and the fuel used.

Other than this, Raghunath said for the employed class who can claim TA & DA, the app can be used to submit the details. “Usually, they will have to write down everything, but with Sawari, they can easily track their travel diaries. For people employed as medical representatives or salesmen, this can be very beneficial,” he said. The app also provides the finishing kilometres, parking location and other features.
On the reason why he developed the app, Raghunath noted, he personally felt the need for such an app.
“As a teacher, I personally have to travel to various places to take classes. I can claim this was the case with many of my friends. This prompted me to develop Sawari,” he said.

Raghunath has previously created Smart Home Accounts Book, which helped keep track of the household budget.Sawari, which is receiving positive feedback from the customers, can be downloaded from Playstore for free.

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