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A7-enabled apps for the iPhone 5S

Published: 17th November 2013 06:00 AM

Last Updated: 16th November 2013 07:34 PM

Nike+ Move (Free)

Nike+ Move is the latest app from Nike and it is an iPhone 5S exclusive. Using the in-built M7 motion co-processor in the 5S, the Nike+ Move app knows exactly when you are moving, and analyses that data to capture your every move and to motivate you to move more. It also converts those movements into that Nike unit for measuring activities called NikeFuel which makes it an interesting challenge to move more. The unique, beautifully designed goal ring changes from red to green when you cross the day’s goals.


Infinity Blade III (Rs 390)

In many ways the Infinity Blade game series has very much been THE game that showcased the capabilities of every new iPhone it came with. The Infinity Blade III, the final episode in the saga, is running on the iPhone 5S with 64-bit A7 chip; it is more powerful and more graphically intense than ever. The game portrays our usual hero Siris, joined by female warrior Isa who battle in beautifully rendered 3D environments.


Cycloramic (Free)

Launch Cycloramic on your iPhone 5S and make it stand on a flat

surface. Using the handsfree panorama mode and the in-built vibrating motor in the phone, your phone will start turning around itself and will become a ‘hands-free 360 degree panoramic camera’ making 360-degree, 44-megapixel panoramic photos or a ‘handsfree 360 degree video camera’ making 360 degree HD video.


SketchBook Mobile (Rs 110)

As the name suggests this app puts a sketchbook on your iPhone 5S. But SketchBook Mobile stands out from other similar apps because not only is it a professional grade paint and drawing application from the popular AutoDesk, but it also makes use of the powerful A7 chip in the new phone to make your experience smooth as silk. Along with earlier features like 65 preset brushes and custom canvas sizes, now you can do your brushing in 2X sizes and paint 8-megapixel canvases with two layers.

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