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Apple Inc Buys Topsy, a Twitter Search and Analytics Firm

Published: 03rd December 2013 03:36 PM

Last Updated: 03rd December 2013 05:04 PM

Apple confirmed on Monday, that is has bought Topsy Labs, which is a firm that analyses market trends and consumer sentiments with the help of twitter. This is Apple’s second acquisition, in the past few weeks.

This comes as a surprise move, as Apple Inc, otherwise is not known to venture a great deal into the social media domain. Topsy focuses on analyzing scores of tweets and eventually mapping them to find out, or zero down on the most influential set of names. The company also helps clients analyse tweets to follow various business trends that could prove to be beneficial.

Apple so far has not given out any clues, to suggest its interest in Topsy. However, in the past Apple has used Twitter's services for some of its softwares. Experts believe that Apple could use Topsy’s services, i.e. primarily its analytics technology for the App Store.

Topsy has recently announced, the setting up of a search engine for tweets that will help sorting through nearly 400 billion tweets that have appeared since Twitter was first launched. Twitter, however does not provide for such an exercise. In the past, it had sought Topsy’s database for 2013 Oscar nominees.

While Apple’s tryst with Ping, for the music sharing service, was a flash in the pan. Only time will tell, if this deal goes on to create history.

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