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Tech Guru: Divya Jain

Published: 12th January 2014 12:00 AM

Last Updated: 10th January 2014 04:12 PM

dLoop’s co-founder Divya Jain is now acting as the Data Analysis Engineer at Data. Big Data. The most important words in today’s networked world. He who controls data will rule the world. In the race to be kings of data, data scientists are the hottest property in Silicon Valley.

The most famous cloud storage company for enterprise users recently acquired dLoop, a company that provides ‘advanced data analytics to easily discover content and capture insights from within an enterprise’. The bigger coup for was acqui-hire of dLoop’s co-founder Divya Jain. Divya has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Aligarh University and an MS in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University. After a few years at Sun Microsystems, Divya joined Kazeon Systems, as a Tech Lead.

This was followed by her work as an R&D architect at the Advanced Technology Group at EMC, and as Lead Architect of the Ads Platform at ShareThis. In 2012 she quit ShareThis to co-found and be Chief Architect of dLoop Inc. which is credited with developing technologies that enhance security of data analytics tools. After the acquisition by, Divya has been acting as Data Analysis Engineer there.

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