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When on road with group, follow these seven important rules

Every friend group is different, with its own nuances, but if you stick to the following seven rules - you'll likely survive your trip without flouncing from your group WhatsApp in a huff.

12 Aug 2017

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Wandertrails, Uber partner to offer experiential stays and immersive activities to riders

The collaboration will provide convenient and affordable half-day and full day tours around destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Nasik, Kamshet, etc.

12 Aug 2017

Water scooters,  Pulau Seribu Jakarta Indonesia
Check out these most tagged world cities on Instagram

On the first year anniversary of the launch of Instagram stories, the photo-sharing app has revealed the names of the cities that are the top location tags. 

08 Aug 2017

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This is how birds get their colour

Two types of pigments are responsible for the plumage coloration in birds called melanins and carotenoids that help them even with predators.

07 Aug 2017

Rendezvous of the old and new

Built in the early 1900s, the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum in Ahmedabad displays his heirlooms, library, furniture along with contemporary art

05 Aug 2017

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Check out these unexplored wildlife destinations in India 

India is one that is home to some of the most magnificent creatures and plant life in the world.

04 Aug 2017

Steam rises from underground geothermal activity in Beppu
Springs of heaven

Japan’s Beppu has over 2,000 hot pools, thanks to the volcanic grounds they sit on

29 Jul 2017

Meghalaya, Hawaii and Emei Shan in China are some of the more popular places.
Pack your bags and travel to these 10 monsoon destinations around the world 

There are number of places in the world that receive an immense amount of rain and if you love the monsoon, you should definitely visit these places. 

29 Jul 2017

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International Tiger Day 2017: Most enthralling tiger destinations around the world

While India has many there are several others in the surrounding South East Asian countries. 

29 Jul 2017

A collage of Venice ( Photo courtesy Wiki)
Venice bans swimming in canals for tourists in new Responsible Travel campaign 

The campaign will be spearheaded across social media.

28 Jul 2017

The destinations include Nagaland in India and Bokor Hill station in Camboodia.
Travel to these top ten unexplored places in Asia this season

The countries rich in both culture and tradition are quite unlike their western counterparts. 

27 Jul 2017

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12 war memorials to visit in India

Wandertrails have listed down 12 war memorials that you can visit.

27 Jul 2017

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These are the places most people are traveling to South East Asia

Looking for a unique vacation destination?

26 Jul 2017

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This time, go on vacay to these self-drive destinations 

List of destinations to break out of the dullness of set schedules.

24 Jul 2017

Owner couple Venugopal and his dentist wife Shambhavi.
Payback time: story of a homestay in Chikkamangaluru

A cosy homestay nestles amidst a coffee estate in Chikkamagaluru offers defence personnel a free stay.

22 Jul 2017

Cape of all good things

South Africa is not all about safaris. Cape Town has festivals that would put any city around the world to shame. Check out what the Cape of Good Hope has to offer

22 Jul 2017

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Of different Tales from the Vienna Woods

Apart from escort services and gay dating websites, the city has much to offer.

19 Jul 2017

Shimla: People enjoy themselves during snowfall | IANS
Travelling trends: Delhi prefers London, Mumbai likes Bali

The glimpse of all the places Indian travellers are exploring.

18 Jul 2017

(Photo | Associated Press)
These top attractions in Peru will make you forget about Machu Picchu

Look past the mesmerising sight of stunning vistas atop the majestic mountain peaks of one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and you will find much more to be discovered.

18 Jul 2017

Kerala's Athirapally falls | Facebook
Check out the places most Indians are travelling this monsoon 

Most are going for off-beat destinations or visiting the tourist spots when the summer tourists return back home. 

17 Jul 2017

The Chapel of St. Sebastian
Palette from Portugal

An otherworldly place of sepia and nostalgia, Panaji’s Latin quarter is straight out of a Portugese street

15 Jul 2017