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At Philippines
Reborn in a sand spa!

The Philippines is more than just Manila. With its glitzy shopping malls in Pampanga to a ‘volcanic’ drive near Mt. Pinatubo, the opportunities to explore never end

10 Jun 2017

Representational Image. (File | AP)
World’s first travel social network TravelUR makes waves

As you pack your bags to take a break from your everyday routine before you realize you’re already evolving. It’s the way we see the world and learn about different places you’ve never been before.

06 Jun 2017

Lake House, Daylesford
Destination dining

In times when Carbon Footprint and Food Miles are hot topics for people who claim stake to the title ‘Foodie’ in their social media intro, the idea of burning fuel to get to food far flung might seem

03 Jun 2017

Jaffa watefront
Where day doesn’t tell the night’s tale

Tel Aviv transforms into one big party zone as the sun sets on the azure sea after a busy business day in the young Mediterranean city

03 Jun 2017

Harley Estate
An idyllic lot can happen over coffee

In the midst of the Western Ghats, Harley Estate is a perfect getaway for nature lovers.

27 May 2017

Great Rann of Kutch
Renaissance in the Rann

Gujarat’s white desert is drawing tourists who flock to see the salt sparkle in the moonlight, wildlife and the Rann Utsav of Kutch

27 May 2017

Sunrise and a misty river
Life in the slow lane

A walking safari in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park is the best way to come face to face with its famed rhinos and to connect with the wild.

20 May 2017

At Durban
Durban delight!

Durban has a lot to offer - from sun-kissed beaches to shopping promenades and more

20 May 2017

The eternal flame at the Olympic Museum
Golden ode to the games

With over 1,500 items, 53 projectors and 50 interactive screens, the Olympic Museum in Switzerland’s Lausanne heralds a digital revolution in museums.

13 May 2017

Misty monastery on a mountain high

The early morning greyness with wispy clouds hovering in front of the tips of the mountains presents a whimsical picture of Tiger’s Nest near Paro in Bhutan.

13 May 2017

A magical mystery

A sweeping view of the Nilgiris, lush green forest, a gorgeous valley, ancient temples and rivers, Anaikatti is South India’s best kept secret.

06 May 2017

The Tawang monastery decorated for the Dalai Lama’s arrival.
Making travel plans to unexplored territories this summer?

From Tawang, Ziro to Tirthan Valley, one can plan out summer holidays to unexplored territories.

02 May 2017

Kandy Lake
The call of Kandy

Moving from the torrid heat of the equatorial coastal city of Colombo in the island nation of Sri Lanka and traversing 100 km, I made my way across picturesque villages and narrow mountain roads to re

29 Apr 2017

A tigress and her cubs cross a road in the park as visitors look on
Big cat walk in the park

In Maharashtra’s Tadoba National Park, the tiger plays a cat and mouse game with humans and prey alike amidst dense teak plantations and bamboo thickets

29 Apr 2017

Sunitha and her gang on their trip.
Experience life in 3,800 km

 The ‘K to K’ road trip spanning exciting locations throughout India is the latest fad among travel enthusiasts in Chennai.

25 Apr 2017

An Instagram photo is shared with Facebook (File photo/AP)
This instagram page will have you yearning to travel by train again!

Despite much popularity on the social media platform, Babar said that Indian Railways probably has no clue about the page. But that does not disappoint him.

24 Apr 2017

The 19th century train in Darjeeling.
Drink to forget the din

Sipping black tea, strolling along the mall, shopping for Tibetan trinkets and riding the British Raj era train, everything seems a ritual in Darjeeling.

22 Apr 2017

The Maihar band performs
Blending art  with music

Far away in the historical land of Maihar in Madhya Pradesh, art patron and lover Ambica Beri has envisioned a creative escape called Art Ichol to give wings to many an artists’ dreams.

15 Apr 2017

The historic Villa Roccabruna overlooking Lake Como
Getaway for the cognoscenti

Lake Como in Italy is a scenic paradise of sorts with its lush greens, pretty medieval villages and the overlooking mighty Alps

15 Apr 2017

Run for hidden ruins

Fascinating temples and tombs in the historic town of Orchha in MP take one back in time for a glimpse of the grandeur of Rajput-Mughal architectures

08 Apr 2017

Revisiting Gujarat’s Dinosaur edge

As a group of school children and their teachers walk out of a bus to a barren patch of rocky land at Raioli outside Balasinor, a small town about 86 km from Ahmedabad, Aaliya Babi of the Garden Palac

01 Apr 2017

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