Light entertainment: Here are the trends for this year's festival of lights!

Purple food to paneer-stuffed jalebis, cube flooring designs to vertical gardens, cryotherapy to holographic makeup, inverted gemstones to retro hats.

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Purple food to paneer-stuffed jalebis, cube flooring designs to vertical gardens, cryotherapy to holographic makeup, inverted gemstones to retro hats—here are trends for this festival of lamps

Food Funda


“It’s all about superfoods such as makhana, drumstick leaves and turmeric. There is an increased demand for gluten-free sweets. People are cutting back on white carbs.”Shivan Khanna, Executive Sous Chef, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi

Sea vegetables

Move beyond the sky being the limit. Now, the sea is the limit. Enjoying their day in the sun are sea vegetables, including dulse, kelp, hijiki and wakame (above).

Purple Food

Colour your palate purple with purple grapes, elderberries, sweet potatoes, corn, asparagus and others as it’s not just a pretty colour but also replete with antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.

Stuffed Jalebis

“Jalebis this Diwali are getting fatter and  sweeter. Stuffed with paneer, the new variety is fuller, more sumptuous. In the same way, Gulab Jamuns are stuffed with phirni”.Umang Tiwari, Restaurateur,

Activated Charcoal drinks

You may cringe but you cannot ignore the benefits of activated charcoal, which is a potent detoxifier. Stir it into lemonades, shake it up with milk shakes, infuse it into cocktails and mix it up with juices. From whitening teeth to preventing hangovers, it’s time to turn to the dark side of things.

Alternate grains

“Minor millets such
as ragi, cholai, foxtail, quinoa, kodo are being made into innovative options such as flax seed chikkis, millet mixtures and ragi laddus. Millet based sweets, sweetened with palm and sugarcane jaggery are a rage. It’s all about organic, gluten-free, sugarless and native sweets this Diwali.”
Prem Kumar Pogakula, Executive Chef, The Imperial, New Delhi

Doggie bakeries

Still a niche segment, dog bakeries are being embraced now more than ever. Purveyors of confectionary are going all out to indulge their canine customers, especially for Diwali, with cakes, cookies, muffins and more. Bark On Gourmet Doggie Barkery, Heads up for Tails and Bella Delivers-Woof Cakes are just some of them.

Shop for Sweets

“Trending sweets are dry fruit-based ones in various attractive shapes, including Arabian sweets. Chana Almond Bite made with desi chana is a new introduction but kesar jalebi, kaju katli and royal moti choor laddu remain the frontrunners. The popular snacks this Diwali are coated peanuts, nuts, fox nuts and samosa.”

Manish Aggarwal,Executive Director,Bikanervala Foods

Sugary spread

You’ll see a lot more of kesar pedas, sookha gulab jamuns, basundi, Mysore pak and karanji at popular sweet shops.

Destination Décor

Cube floors

Taking floor this Diwali is the bold and brazen trend of cubes. Earthy shades are being played up with neutral ones in dense, three-dimensional styles, turning each floor into a œuvre d’art. Add to this, single-tone decor pieces and you get a versatile mix of the bold and the basic. Lobbies, waiting rooms, antechamber and kitchens are the popular spaces the trend is opening up to. Designers are beginning to take it to the work place too.

In the cusp of Green

Greenery is the Pantone Colour of the Year and has, since its announcement, found expression in lifestyle choices, urban settings and design spaces. Symbolic of fertility, it represents new beginnings, a fresh look at the existing. Greenery is now penetrating our decor palates with its deep pigmentation and associated shades. Decorators are using it as pop-up accents, in monochrome set-ups, statement decorative pieces and contrasting single elements. From towels, upholstery, wall papers, garden pots, table linen, tiffin boxes and keyboards to tea mugs— greenery remains omnipotent.

Matt black

Move towards the dark side of things as matt black is the colour every decorator is using. From serveware to artist studios, matt black is also being incorporated into wedding decor. Modular kitchens and light fixtures are where you’ll see this most.

Reflective products

“Reflective surfaces are big this Diwali. Textured and shiny decor products add dimension to any room and reflective votives, curios, vases and metal lanterns are selling like hot cakes. To complement these surfaces, pick a soft colour palette comprising blush pink, pearly white or cloudy grey. Put the look together with throw pillows, rugs and wall art. If you feel that colour is lacking, aim for calico-printed fabric choices. Soft neutrals are a close second on the decor front this season.” Ashish Goel, CEO and founder, Urban Ladder.

Cheese platters “Cheese platters in petrified wood, smoky quartz, amethyst and blue lapis will be a big hit. I find that wooden tea boxes with customisable etched metal or mother-of-pearl lids are creating a buzz.”Gautam Dhawan,founder, Exhibit D, Delhi

Terracotta tiles  
Despite having been around for years, terracotta tiles are only now being used to their full potential by interior stylists. Don’t limit yourselves to just floors. They are being incorporated on to walls, ceilings and as side table show pieces.

Geometric shapes
It’s all about following lines and shapes. Geometric prints will be seen in clothes, triangular shelves, round lights, square tables, rectangular vases, diamond flower pots, hexagon mirrors, pentagon clocks, octagon plates and others such. Juxtaposing looks can be achieved with a bold geometric piece put along side soft traditional motifs. The trend is being incorporated into smaller lifestyle pieces such as soap cases, soap dispensers, cake stands, table mats, coasters, candles, serveware, lamps, wastebaskets, cheese boards, and wine bars. You’ll see a lot of these styles in wood and metal.


“Handblown glass objects will be the big design buy this Diwali. The design spectrum will embrace neoclassical to contemporary sensibilities. Some of the things you’ll see are sculptures of deities, the auspicious coconut, nimbu mirchi (above), table lotus and vases.”Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, lighting designers, Klove, Delhi

Vertical gardens
Taking greens to new heights are vertical gardens. Pocket planters that can be hung on walls and fences are being rapidly incorporated into city spaces as they allow for judicious space management. People are beginning to use recyclable materials such as PVC pipes and gutters for these gardens.

Wire furniture
We’re back to the basics. Wire furniture is being treated as an important trend, keeping in mind its functionality. The trend marks the return of the design aesthetic that was adopted in the 60s from industrial spaces. Wire furniture is easy to maintain, durable, and cost-effective for the most part. Earlier confined to the outdoors, they are now being accepted with closed doors. You’ll also see them in things, including lighting cases, dustbins, baskets, kitchen jars and keychains.

Highlight pieces
An oversized industrial wall art, a massive mirror, an accent wall with outré motifs, large paper rosettes, deeply pigmented centre tables, animal head mounts, an idiosyncratic rug—it’s all about distinct statement pieces this Diwali. Choose a focal point and highlight it with striking, conspicuous design pattern.

Diet and the Diva

Holographic makeup
This one is definitely a show-shopping and eye-popping trend that cannot help but be noticed. Holographic makeup renders high shine, rainbow-like hues to the face. Add glitter to further intensify the look.

Commercial probiotics

“Homemade curd and pickles may have beneficial bacterial cultures, but their numbers aren’t enough to make an impact on your gut. Probiotic should provide at least one billion CFUs in one serving, with 1-10 billion CFUs dose per day for adults. This is possible only in bonafide probiotic foods.” Raksha Changappa, clinical dietitian and nutritionist, Bengaluru

Sugar detox
Diwali is synonymous with sweets but coincidentally one of the biggest health trends this year is going cold turkey on sweets. Dieticians are offering simple to elaborate sugar detox plans to stay away from addictive eating patterns that get aggravated around Diwali.

It’s being used now more than ever to treat the smallest of skin troubles to the most complex of cancers. Cryotherapy involves freezing the local area that requires treatment by deadening the troublesome nerve.

a2 milk
“Takers for A2 milk (cow’s milk that lacks a form of casein proteins called A1) are on the rise. An upward trend is seen for probiotic foods. Gut-brain axis and raw food movement are picking pace.” Ishi Khosla, Clinical Nutritionist, Delhi

Silicone sponges
Silicone sponges are replacing beauty blenders. What makes them novel is their zero product-absorption quality.

The mushroom haircut has been improvised to become fuller and longer. The sides are shorter, with bangs covering much of the forehead.

Cannabidiol oil
Extracted from the cannabis plant, the oil’s anti-inflamatory properties make it a useful introduction into kitchen. It’s also used to treat substance abuse, mental disorders, diabetes, aches and cancers.

80/20 diet
A simple answer to complex diet regimens. Fill 80 percent of your plate with nutrient-dense food and 20 percent with comparatively less healthy options.

IV vitamin
“IV vitamin infusions replenish lost electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. Add in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and you get instant hydration. Oral vitamins have an absorption capacity of 20 per cent, while IV infusions absorb 80-100 per cent of nutrients.” Kiran Lohia, medical director, Lumiere Dermatology, the US

Glittered Crease
“The latest is to put glitters on your crease line. You could also apply it under the waterline too and compliment it with a black winged liner.” Isha Khanna, make-up specialist,Delhi

Micro braids
Criss-cross your hair into tiny plaits and toss them to the side, wear them with a parting or tie them in a knot, because micro braids are back with a bang.

Gods room

Lladró launches a limited edition porcelain sculpture of Lord Ganesha. 250 handmade flowers have been used to decorate the garland of this gold-lustered piece with a height of 17 inches.
Rs 4.5 lakh;Available in 100 countries

Dhoop stand
Frazer and Haws brings you this dhoop stand in mixed medium. The dhoop cap is crafted in silver and the red granite base has gold-gilded highlights and patterned with silver piercing.
Rs 5,000; Crown House, A-265, Defence Colony; 11, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, Delhi

Prayer Bell
The bell has been designed by Shazé in sterling silver with Om motif perched at the top.
Rs 6,990; G-59(B), Ground Floor, Select Citywalk, A-3 District Centre, Saket;

This prayer spoon with a dancing Lord Ganesha sculpture and twin peacocks in brass has been fashioned by artisans from Aligarh. It is 28 cms in length, and weighs 550 grams.
Rs 3,262;

Argentor Silver presents a Ganesha sculpture with mantras etched on it. It has also launched diyas, puja bells, tea light holders and puja thali.Rs 80,000 for the Ganesha sculpture; D8, Defence Colony; Boutique 233A, First Floor, DLF Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Puja Thali
Etching puja thali by Arttd’inox is crafted in stainless steel. It comprises a hand bell, agarbatti stand, two small katoris, a diya stand and a kalash.
Rs 2,180;Arttd’nox stores

Festive Frills

Picks for your home and hunger

Good Earth brings out its pre-festive range that includes zile votives in antique gold, apart from anjali diyas, silver-plated glass vases, mugs, plates, coasters and more. Rs 950 for a set of six; all Good Earth stores in India;

Laddu goes pink
Khoya Mithai brings out its Diwali special offerings, the pink laddu. Sweets, including pista lounge, walnut peda and Belgian chocolate barfi, are also being offered.

The Signature Bouquet by Fabelle comprises a big box of Fabelle Gianduja, a box of twenty pralines inspired by the five elements of nature, the Fabelle Element’s range, 12 single origin dark chocolate bars, one Fabelle fondue pot and four callets. Rs 14,000; Fabelle Chocolates Boutique at select ITC Luxury Hotels across India

Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, brings out hampers with goodies such as marzipan fruits, homemade macaroons, signature Taj chocolates, mava cake, diyas and more. Rs 3,000 plus taxes upwards; Vivanta by Taj, near Dwarka Sector 21 metro station, Delhi

Click to drink
Barsys is an automated cocktail dispenser that functions with the help of an eponymous application. It comes with thermally insulated containers that hold temperature for 15-18 hours. There is zero spillage, a built-in clean-in process and an interactive lighting system that acquaints the user with the progress, all under 45 seconds. Rs 90,000 plus taxes; Barsys India, Plot No. 354, First Floor, Jagat Singh Complex, 100-ft Road, Ghitorni, Delhi

Twins are candle holders in metal in gold finish launched by Aria Interior Design. Rs 10,000; 56 GF, Jacaranda Marg, DLF Phase II, Gurgaon

The rarifed arts of gambling and craftsmanship meet in this spectrum poker set. The box is crafted from stainless steel skeleton and ice-cool crystalline acrylic. Bespoke poker chips are crafted in K9 optical glass, and features translucent colours. Each set contains 440 coloured chips valued from 10 to 1,000, 20 high roller plates, five dice and two packs of cards.Rs 5.69 lakh; Timothy Oulton, Tarun Vadehra Interiors, D-41, Defence Colony, Delhi

Twist in the taste
Prankster presents chhole kulche doughnut, gajar achar mousse, uttapam waffle with tomato chutney icecream, moti choor cheesecake (above), pranked rose kheer, coconut payasam and more. 8-9-10, Sector 29, Main Market, Gurgaon

Three-dimensional candle holder with a start symbol that sparkles in golden crystal tones has been launched by Swarovski. Rs 16,900; Swarovski stores in India

The Big Bakers introduces its Indulgence menu with Apple Cinnamom Danish,
Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts Eclairs, Almond Biscotti, Cheese Biscuits, Peanut cookies and more.
The Big Bakers, The Junction, A-21, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Green Park, Delhi

Dear Deer tealight holder by Chumbak. Made of iron, one can put a tea light or electric candle in them. Rs 495;

Golden luminescence
Taga t-lite holder brings you a set of four frosted glass bowls stationed on a golden lamp holder with four-legged steel stand. Rs 2,609 (approx.);

Fashion Frontier

Single embellished earrings that fall down to the shoulder are making a huge statement.

Wear it under a high-collared blouse or a buttoned down T-shirt, elaborate lacy Victorian collars are here to stay.

“Deep red, green and blue loafers with wearer’s initials are going to be in demand. For instance, Berleigh offers Duke and Dexter.” Shashank Arya, Executive Director, The DAR Group

By far the biggest men’s denim trends this year is the bleached jeans. Add on colourful patch work and you’re good to go.

Red has been outlined as a rage this year. Choose from its family comprising scarlet, cherry, merlot, rose, ruby and crimson.

BITTY bags
The tiner the better. From last year’s trend of massive bags, 2017 is all about going micro.

“Shiny pieces are a definite go-to. A mix of tribal and contemporary jewellery is in vogue now. Temple jewellery is also one of the highlights.” Tarang Arora, Creative Director and CEO, Amrapali Jewels

Wide belts in leather are making the rounds.

Inverted gemstones
In this one, the culet faces outwards. Try both chunky and delicate options.

Let their be spring in your wardrobe. Head-to-toe florals are being embraced in their full glory. 

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