Women wrestlers mat finish

Haryana, known for its feudal traits and a low sex ratio, is now giving its women the muscle to storm the male bastion. 

Members of the Vanitha Kathakali Sangham in Kochi | Albin Mathew

Stomp troopers, unmasked

An all-women Kathakali troupe celebrates 40 years of existence in a male-dominated bastion

Pradeep Lokhande in his office

Spinning a village wide info web

A Pune-based entrepreneur’s portal is the gateway to information about 28,000 villages across five states

Dad’s the artful word

Two sons bring together their father Gyan Chand Dhaddha’s collection of arts and artefacts at their museum in Jaipur

Arun and Suresh Dhaddha with Lord Ganesha’s idol

Brexit opens more street food

Tottenham Court Road runs across the heart of London’s Oxford Street; this one-way one-kilometre stretch was the hub of electronic retailers for decades.

Street food stalls
Rahul (left) and Rohan Ahuja | Sunish P Surendran

Serving up Asia on a platter

Two brothers in Chennai serve dishes from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar and China with their own special exotic flavours

Cassia mimosoides

Herbal cure for blood sugar rush

One of the readers, a diabetic, wanted to know if Khadira Arishtam could be used by him for diabetes-related skin conditions.

Traditional kushti still rules the hinterland

After India’s silver show in the 2016 Rio Olympics, more people are watching pro-wrestling on TV.