Graphic novels radically rooted in Indian market

A growing number of novelists is marrying words and pictures with new ideas and characters. The upcoming Baahubali series promises to change how India reads its comics.

Pandit S Ballesh with son Krishna Ballesh (right).(Photo | Shiba Prasad Sahu)

Familial notes of magical melodies

A father-son duo has started an academy in Chennai to teach how to play the wind instrument.

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Why you should control all the senses

Dharma Shastras tells us to control the mind, do tapasya, and enjoy with restraint.

Ringside view of Delhi’s black and white past

The book paints a picture of the capital through important events since 1950s

Life was like that only

Perils of imperialism 

Shashi Tharoor highlights the facets of the British empire that looted India for over 200 years.

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Healthy navel for a wealthy body

Deficiency can be diagnosed by feeling subtly for depression around the navel.

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Skip snacking, opt for a sumptuous meal deal instead

Unhealthy eating and nibbling on food when bored or stressed can lead to obesity.

Business with purpose is need of the hour

If you want to solve material problems, you will have to come to the spiritual platform.