Water signs: Effects of stress on them

By Nitin Manchanda| Published: 09th September 2018 05:00 AM

Cancer June 22–July 23

They are highly emotional. They will stay loyal to people around them until the last breath. They also are determined and tenacious. They have a tender heart, and thus they feel all the feelings all the time. When they feel that someone has hurt them or have played with them, they become toxic individuals, being able to go very far with their acts and words.

They get stressed by the possibility of losing someone close and think too much about hypothetical situations like ‘what if this’, ‘what if that’. They tend to build a wall around their true feelings to not get hurt or feel misunderstood by others. This humongous amount of stress causes nervous breakdowns, nightmares and sleep disorders in them. To combat it, they need to express their problems to people as well as avoid letting someone be the source of their security.       

Scorpio October 24–November 22

People of this sun sign are not only the most passionate but also the most intense, mysterious and enigmatic of all the people. Be it their relationships, work, hobbies, they are passionate about everything. They are expert in hiding their true emotions behind a thick wall. This makes it hard for people around them to truly understand how sensitive they are.

From this misunderstanding, it is easy for people to cross boundaries with them, which really stresses them out. They also feel like their privacy is being invaded upon, which causes even more stress for them. Also, as they are known for being jealous by nature, if anyone cheats on them or betrays their confidence, their stress levels will rise. They lash out at fickle friends and loved ones. It is crucial for them to make it known when they feel someone is testing their boundaries.

Pisces February 20–March 20

These people are incredibly creative, and they always end up in artistic fields. Pisceans are typically on the sensitive, intuitive, dreamy side and are magical, mystical beings, and one of the most sensitive people. They like their family in order, their friends in order, their romance in order, and when even the slightest little bit goes wrong, it sends them into spasms of stress.

They are also not good at saying no and spend too much time pleasing people who are not friendship worthy. When they are feeling overwhelmed, they just want to curl up in a ball and never leave their bed. They need to trust themselves and find some time where they can be alone to really understand and process their emotions. They will feel less stressed when they get a better understanding of how they can combat negative energy from others.

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