Warning signs of Global refugee crisis

The globe is gripped by a crisis of displaced people who have been fleeing their homes to escape sectarian violence, war and hunger caused by conflict.

When life is cheap, there is no time to weep

A seven-year-old boy gets killed in the Capital (in his school toilet) by a paedophile, a conductor in the school bus, who was soon arrested by the police.

Bertil Falk

‘Feroze was an unhappy man when he died’

Swedish journalist Bertil Falk brings Indira Gandhi’s husband out of oblivion.

Beyond the birkin

A bag to bag guide to Hermès top 10 styles.

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Tools of gods and cosmos

The moment we utter the word “divine”, most people will look up, because the divine is supposed to be up. But in human perception, there is no way to know which is up.

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Co-founder Shilpa Sharma.

A piece of premium india

Co-founder Shilpa Sharma on the journey of Jaypore and its quest to curate the best in the country.

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Tough knock on wood

Wooden products are the most versatile material for decorating a home.

Eat the rainbow

I am a fair few moons late in reporting the phenomenon of rainbow foods, but India being India, it is only now that the fad is beginning to surface here.