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Many Indians Regret Not Expressing Their Love: Survey

Published: 08th February 2014 06:17 PM

Last Updated: 08th February 2014 06:17 PM

The majority of us have gone through the feeling of liking someone at some point of time and regretting not asking them on a date, says a recent survey.

The Cupid Attitudes Survey conducted by toothpaste brand Closeup revels that 57 per cent of people regret not asking out someone who they liked.

The survey also went on to show that 58 per cent Indians would like to reach out to the person they like "face to face", while 45 per cent would use their cell phones to do so, said a statement.

The Cupid Attitudes Survey has also come up with online social games called cupid games which will help young adults over come their hesitations and come close to those who they are attracted to.

The game will take both players through a series of questions to test their compatibility and will only reveal the identity of players once they clear the stages of the game.

Playing the game also gives the chance to one lucky pair to win an all expenses paid trip to Spain.

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