Divya Purushotham

Spices and leaves in your daily diet

Certain foods, when included in your diet every day, canhelp in holistic development and prevent infections and diseases.  Include the following items in your daily food plan to reap their benefits at

13 hours ago

bhargav prasad

Love-hate tales between  man and his taxi driver

One of the most perceivable iconic scenes in cinema, on the western front, is a monologue of sorts in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver; it involves the protagonist Travis Bickle played by Robert De Niro

13 hours ago

Sharanya Manivannan

We must breathe as we labour

Why is there a ceramic kitten under a grown man’s bed?” By the time I laughed out loud at this line, I’d already cried at least twice watching Queer Eye.

13 hours ago

Rajeev Tamhankar

Choosing incubators

Today, we will discuss more about how to choose a right incubator. Here’s what to look for when applying for an incubation programme

13 hours ago

Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Natural justice bites the dust in cricket row

In the recent ball-tampering case, decisions seem to have been taken based on emotions and not through reasoning. Ball tampering has been considered a minor infringement in the game of cricket for whi

13 hours ago

Express News Service

Dying in the cold

Unusually cold water has devastated some of the world’s most northerly coral reefs, which lie off the coast of western Japan, an environment ministry official said Wednesday

13 hours ago

Balbir Punj

Ambedkar Versus His Apostles

The “outburst of Dalit outrage’’ during the all-India ‘bandh’ on April 2 has been sought to be explained as an assertion of their right to humanity by apologists of the violence that marred the protes

13 hours ago

Tanuj Solanki

What exactly is the truth?

Here’s a read on sage Markandeya’s stories about  ‘the supreme greatness of women’

18 Apr 2018

Chithra Madhavan

Siva is Nandishwarar here

Adambakkam, situated close to Alandur, is an ancient place as testified to by the presence of an old temple for Siva, worshipped as Nandishwarar.

18 Apr 2018

saumya R chawla

Spring cleaning time for your make-up kits

Humour me when I compare my travel make-up pouch to a little black book that I treasure in the relationship I have with myself. It holds all these gorgeous products I know I’d marry in a heartbeat if they’d just pick up the phone and commit already, a few trustworthy friends who won’t l

18 Apr 2018

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