Need to look forward to the future of LGBTQ community

By Nitasha Biswas| Published: 08th September 2018 04:00 AM
Members of the LGBT community in Chennai celebrate after the Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality on 6 September 2018. (Photo | EPS)

This journey has been a long struggle for us. I always believe in “Love is just Love”. It doesn’t have any gender, caste, religion, or colour. It’s a feeling, and anyone can feel it. It’s a personal choice of an individual.  

One cannot stop anyone from not loving another person of his/her choice. I had my share of bad experience of not being able to love the person I wanted. The minds of our society have to be more open, and respect each other’s feeling and life.

A room full of people cannot decide someone’s personal choice.

Every human has choice of where he/she wants to be. So, let’s understand each other’s space and respect that. We are in the 21st century, and it’s a high time, we match shoulders with the rest of the world to say that we are also on same page with all of you.

I’m very happy to hear and know about this judgment of decriminalising Section 377 of IPC, which should have been done years ago. It is time that we treat everyone with equality and respect each other.

I am very happy that the honourable Supreme Court has brought us, transgenders, within the purview of the Right to Privacy. The Supreme Court has done a wonderful step in removing the 150-year-old stigma attached with homosexuality by stating that it isn’t a mental disorder. The very basic right that what happens within close doors cannot be denied, has been accepted by the court.

Now, we need to look forward to the future of the entire community. And, that is possible when the society accepts this decision whole heartedly and accepts each other with love and care.

We must start gathering so that we can all meet and know each other; education institutions should add these chapters as historic fights for the freedom of the Indian LGBTQ community. More seminars and big international events are needed. Families, especially, need to come out with an open heart to accept their children and their choice of life and support them.

The political class should understand that we are the citizens of this country and we elected the government. Hence, it’s a basic duty to look after us - be it heterosexual, gay, transgender, or anything. We are all human.  And, they (political class) should be there to safeguard and support our future for a
better India!

Nitasha Biswas is the winner of India’s first trans-beauty pageant in 2017

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