Fake your way to great lighting

By Saumya R Chawla| Published: 12th September 2018 04:00 AM

Acursory Google search on anything related to ‘flawless skin’ or ‘complexion makeup tips’ will deliver several tutorials, involving multiple steps, products, blending techniques and tools. Of course, I’m not quite saying they are wrong — but there are several roads that lead to Rome! If I am to be completely honest here; when it comes to the whole ‘no-makeup makeup look’ my laziness manifests itself in a very rebellious manner. While the name implies little to no work, the reality is quite far apart. Sigh… is the whole #wokeuplike this and #nomakeupmakeup trend finally reaching the end of everyone’s collective wit too?

That being said, I have been finding myself moving towards light-diffusing makeup products off late. It’s right up my alley because it deflects everyone from my undone face, takes minimal effort and has a relatively smaller margin for messing it up. God forbid I mistake my foundation brush for a squiggly straw, it’s nice to know that my fingers will do the blending job just fine on their own.

While I don’t mean to get too verbose about this idiot-proof express makeup trick, (this is not a “hack.” Stop calling it a hack. It’s makeup, not The Matrix.) let me just tell you that it’s basically like auto-enhance filter on Instagram. But on your face. In real life, I don’t really have life changing before/after images I can attach here but there is a certain amount of magic in combining an illuminator to your BB cream, foundation, or whatever base you prefer. This trick is so good for faking good lighting through the day — the light reflects your skin, masking uneven areas. It takes so little effort and delivers A+ coverage!

Since it’s the season of giving (Christmas is evergreen, a state of mind) — I’ll tell you exactly which ones you are going to want to invest in. The MAC strobe cream is one of my forever favourites, with plenty of buildable shimmer, and is also super moisturising. The Dior Glow maximizer primer will infuriate you with its perfection and price tag. Though it definitely falls under the splurge category, it lasts forever and blends into seamlessly. Closer to home we have the Loreal variant, which is beautiful as it’s more golden-pearl as opposed to peachy-pearl, so it suits a wider range of skin tones.

Follow these steps with concealing and correcting whatever your little heart desires. This is just one of
those quick tips that have been working for me big time — and what would I be if I didn’t pass on my love? A jerk, thats who.

Saumya R Chawla


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