S Gurumurthy

S Gurumurthy

Is that Really the Case Mr Chidambaram?

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha had last week criticised Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram for “running to the ground” a well-run economy and being “a spoiler”.

03 Apr 2014

Political AAP Always Hid behind Apolitical IAC?

Arvindji, if you reject both ruling and Opposition parties as two sides of the same coin, you will eventually form a political party of your own, unless of course you work for a revolution to overthrow the system.”

03 Feb 2014

Success sans ethics

Today’s scams of billions of dollars or cash-for-news have their origin in the Ambani model of partnering the main state and non-state actors and sharing the spoils with them.

21 Jan 2014

Pranab outsmarts Sonia

Sonia Gandhi would never have thought that Mamata would make public not only the names but also the order of the choice, namely Pranab first and Ansari next. In the next one hour, things became worse.

21 Jan 2014

Juicy sideshow perverts truth

Lack of forensic depth in the investigation by sections of media has forced them into bias and errors of judgement and wrong, bizzare conclusions

21 Jan 2014

Blind-men-and-elephant like probe

When Gadkari’s second term as BJP president became a possibility, some media began targeting him, but with no luck.

21 Jan 2014

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