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BJP approach to cattle trading will hurt the economy; but who cares since the idea is to create vote banks

It’s clear: The cow dominates India. The world is changing in radical ways and life-and-death issues confront our country —GST’s impact on everyday life, the ‘dirty war’ in Kashmir, rising attacks on

04 Jun 2017

When Trump calls for a war against Islamic terrorism and praises its historical promoter, it is hypocrisy

The flow of Saudi money and Saudi evangelists has been radicalising local Islamic communities in many countries, including India.

28 May 2017

With Kerala’s CM inviting humiliation after humiliation, the CPM saga may be coming to a close in India

Are we witnessing the final fade-out of communism’s run in India? West Bengal was a Left citadel that seemed impregnable for three long decades.

14 May 2017

China’s take-over of the South China sea is complete; a summit next week clinches its strategic gains

A week from today “the biggest diplomatic event of the year” will take place in China with many heads of government in attendance (not India’s). This is the first summit of Xi Jinping’s prestigious si

07 May 2017

Dissent is a vital part of nationalism. We need it. Enforced nationalism is counter-productive

It is part of India’s Vedic wisdom that even amrut, when taken in excess, turns poisonous. The case of nationalism is no different: Too much of it becomes counter-productive.

30 Apr 2017

V P Singh was meant to be a dreamer, a poet, an artist; it was bad luck he ended up as prime minister

In the political universe of India V P Singh rose as high as a citizen could—MLA, chief minister, Union finance minister, defence minister, prime minister, father of coalition politics.

23 Apr 2017

Craze for fairness creams, too, is an aspect of racism. no need to deny facts; all peoples are racists

Why do we deny the racism in us? All humans are infected by it.

16 Apr 2017

Almost unnoticed, our democracy is getting abridged; is perpetual one-party rule the future of India?

Donations by companies to political parties is the biggest contributor to corruption in India. All parties acknowledge this.

09 Apr 2017

If gangsters have taken over the education ‘industry’, all talk of development in India is bunkum

Education in India is in tatters because of horrendous corruption.

02 Apr 2017

Self-propelled and cleverest among BJP’s state chiefs, Adityanath could emerge as the star to watch

It is possible that Yogi Adityanath is not the communal Dracula he is seen to be. He is, of course, a Hindutvavadi with a history of promoting doctrinal dogmatics of the extreme kind. But he is unlike

26 Mar 2017

Winners cheer, losers sulk, but what real difference do elections make to our anarchic democracy?

This is a loner’s lament when more than half the country is rejoicing over the BJP’s overwhelming triumph in UP.

11 Mar 2017

Defying possible peace in Syria, defying Russia, Trump brings the world to the brink of war

Iran is no longer the weak polity that America needled in the George Bush years.

12 Feb 2017

How come Jaitley’s imaginative Budget left a slot for anonymous black money to thrive?

How predictable we are! Come rain or sunshine, we evaluate budgets strictly along party lines.

06 Feb 2017

News, when true, wasn’t truth. But news that is untrue is taken as truth today. Is anybody safe?

What’s happening to news, that precious information source that has kept the world ticking for ages? News has now turned into a weapon of destruction.

29 Jan 2017

Those who do not think of other people’s opinions live in bubbles. Was Obama talking of India ?

If sloganeering characterised President Donald Trump’s inaugural address, sagacity marked Barack Obama’s farewell address a week earlier.

22 Jan 2017

India, pre-occupied at home, is losing ground abroad; China, alert and pro-active, is gaining all around

Pre-occupied as we are with unprecedented internal schisms, setbacks in our external relations have not caught public attention.

15 Jan 2017

Politicians, not only in UP, think they are forever; refusing to retire, they cripple us for their ego

Uttar Pradesh is only a vicious example of a curse that plagues India—politicians’ refusal to retire. Politicians want power, fair enough.

08 Jan 2017

Today is new year’s day, says the West. Others agree. How the power of marketing controls the world

Happy New Year! On second thoughts, why? In half the world January 1 is not the day on which a new year starts.

01 Jan 2017

The cash mess. Changing goalposts, new exemptions raise doubts about the government’s intentions

In the wake of the demonetisation tsunami, our Prime Minister asked for a 50-day grace period. That period ends this week,

25 Dec 2016

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