G S Vasu

The mother of all elections

Complicated equations rule polls in UP at the best of times, and now we have yet more dimensions emerging

31 Dec 2016

When boris bowed out

Yeltsin, Russia’s president who led his country after the collapse of communist Soviet Union, resigned on New Year’s Eve in 1999.

31 Dec 2016

Sukumaran C V

The myth of new year resolutions

Another New Year is about to arrive. Everybody is thrilled to “ring in the new, and ring out the old”. The celebrations invariably include individual New Year resolutions.

31 Dec 2016

P M Mathew

Lower taxes, push for e-payments

In the backdrop of demonetisation, the nation awaits a budget that will accelerate economic growth and fight black economy

30 Dec 2016

Jihad in Germany

A terror attack in Berlin on December 19, allegedly by Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri, left 12 dead.

30 Dec 2016

H Narayanan

Heist averted by a four-legged stranger

That day, I woke up to a strange shriek by an animal behind our neighbour’s house.

30 Dec 2016

Sharanya Manivannan

If past is chaotic, there isn’t hope for better future

Here is a story about patriarchy, faith and the passing of time. Many decades ago, when my grandfather was a Marxist, he would not allow altars or rituals in his spaces.

29 Dec 2016

Ashish Sinha

Here’s how you can make your startup more approachable...

Recently, AirBnB founder, Brian Chesky sent a tweet asking ‘If @Airbnb could launch anything in 2017, what would it be?’ He received more than 300+ ideas ranging from travel guides to AirBnB social ne

29 Dec 2016

C Divakaran

Host of illnesses and three bitter pills

Recently, I suffered from a host of illnesses that landed me in the cosy confines of a hospital. Wide ranging, costly investigations ensued to assess whether my vital organs worked in mid-season form.

29 Dec 2016

Closer to humans

If you are a regular user of Google Translate, an application that translates 103 languages, you would have noticed that the service has shown a stark improvement lately. How did this come about?

29 Dec 2016

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