Archanaa Seker

‘We are pregnant’, because it’s  as much his baby as it is hers

My mother stopped in her tracks when I announced loudly that my friend is pregnant. For a moment I wondered if I had said something blasphemous or even worse, if this was going to trigger an episode o

11 Apr 2018

Saumya R Chawla

I’m not a make-up artist, but I can put on fake lashes perfectly

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when you are a beauty writer, people are constantly going to keep asking you (cheerfully, politely and not obnoxiously) to do their make-up.“Sure thing,” i

11 Apr 2018

Tanuj Solanki

Sage Markandeya’s lessons on Brahminism to the Pandavas continues

Markandeya’s meeting with the Pandavas is long and he tells many stories to the brothers. He narrates, in great detail, the oncoming apocalypse at the turn of the yugas and also the possibilities afte

10 Apr 2018

Pavitra Sriprakash

What’s bad for Earth is bad for humans, too

World Health Day was celebrated recently. As many blogs were talking about mindful eating and other aspects of well-being, let me talk about personal health and our planet.

10 Apr 2018

A V Raghavan

A risky journey that saved my life

Standing on the threshold before entering the lofty portals of the elite ‘Nonagenarians’ club, I think about my journey so far. W

10 Apr 2018

Express News Service

The land of fire

Azerbaijan holds a snap presidential election on Wednesday boycotted by the opposition and expected to extend the autocratic rule of President Ilham Aliyev

10 Apr 2018


Nip Secession demands in the bud 

Three generations of Indians have toiled over 70 years to bind this nation together. And now some reckless voices are calling for secession

10 Apr 2018

J S Raghavan

When a majestic bird touched down

Our sprawling house in Poonamallee, Chennai was not a hub for migratory birds that flew from Siberia or other avian ports of origin on way to their favoured sanctuaries.

09 Apr 2018

Europe’s medieval migrants from India

Thousands of Roma—descendants of medieval migrants who arrived in Europe from India more than a millennium ago—in Serbia, and in the rest of the Balkans, were historically shunned and even targeted by the Nazis. But in some nations, they still face discrimination

09 Apr 2018

Gautam Pingle

Hindu-Muslim ties in the Deccan

The Bahmanis initially unleashed terror on civilians. Later, they came to an understanding with Vijayanagar leading to calmer times

09 Apr 2018

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