News in pictures: Best photos of the day

  • Artists performs folklore art Burra Katha during the Mahanadu in Tirupati on Sunday (EPS)
  • A worker returning after spraying pesticides in an amaranthus farm at Vellayani in Thiruvananthapuram. ( kaviyoor santhosh | EPS)
  • A green parrot is seen eating a fruit on a tree inside the Madurai Corporation campus. (K K Sundar| EPS)
  • The riders in the 'Indian Bike' category of Dirt Race wading through mud after the track at Kumbalangi turned sloshy due to rain in Kochi . (Albin Mathew | EPS)
  • Fishermen readying their boats in kasimedu fishing harbour as the fishing ban ends this sunday. (R Satish Babu | EPS)
  • Migrant labour from Orissa at Kongarakalan village eeking out a living doing odd jobs at the brick kiln. A look at a hot summer afternoon in the life of these labourers who barely earn Rs 300 for the rigorous physical labour they put in for ten hours a day.(Vinay Madap | EPS)
  • A young boy showing a dead sparrow found on a hot afternoon at an agriculture field in the outskirts of Hyderabad on Sunday. (Vinay Madapu | EPS)