7 Historic Nepal Monuments Destroyed by Earthquake

  • Kathmandu's Darbar Square, a UNESCO heritage site is now in ruins | (Courtesy: Twitter)
  • Another historic structure, Basantpur Palace situated in the Darbar Square has been severely damaged externally and internally | (Courtesy: @itssbasanta)
  • Hari Shanker and Uma Maheswar Temple in Patan reportedly witnessed 12 deaths under its rubble. | (Courtesy: @kundadixit)
  • The Garuda and King Bhupatindra Malla statue was knocked off from its pedastal on the Patan Museum | (Courtesy: @kundadixit)
  • A unique Mughal-styled Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in 1874 is now down to the ground | (Courtesy: @KanakManiDixit and @ShiwaniNeupane)
  • Kastamandap Temple is a 16th century 3-storey building constructed of wood, which has crumbled down due to the earthquake | (Courtesy: @Diwasrajakc and @kashishds)
  • Dharahara before and after the earthquake. Dharahara, also called Bhimsen Tower, is a nine storey tall tower at the center of Sundhara, Kathmandu. (Pic source: Twitter)