Top 10 Weirdest Dance Moves that Trended

  • 10 – Punjabi Folk Dance Bhangra is one of the most traditional and lively dance forms in India. Since the 90’s this dance form is popularised in countries like United States, Canada and England. The only weird aspect of this dance is that most Punjabis use this dance form to any kind of music. | Reuters
  • 9 – Dougie The moves were inspired by the 80’s rapper Doug E Fresh. Hip hop group ‘Cali Swag District’ popularised this dance with their song ‘Teach me how to Doug’ went viral. Soon, pro-athletes to US first lady Michele Obama were dashing with their version of the moves. | AP
  • 8 – Single Ladies You may not know the dance by name but you definitely know the moves. In 2008, Beyonce’s girl power anthem ‘Single Ladies’ bursts out fierce moves. The three dancers wears a one piece skin-tight garment with high heels which was hilariously imitated by other male singers like Justin Timberlake and Joe Jonas. | Reuters
  • 7 – Contortion This unusual form of physical display involves dramatic flexing and bending of the human body. Initially it was part of a circus act, Later Russians and Mongolians learnt this art form as it holds a cultural importance to them. Contortion was integrated in varieties of dances mainly Hip hop and Salsa. | Reuters
  • 6 – Guitar Spasms Angus Young of AC/DC rock band can do Chuck Berry’s duck walk, walk among the crowd, crawl, interact with bandmates and many other things while playing a solo in his guitar. Rock bands later inspired from him and the culture remains intact. | Reuters
  • 5 – Twerk This hip-hop dance form originated from the 1990’s from a music group called Bounce. Miley Cyrus’s viral video and her infamous performance in MTV Video Music Awards later made the rapper Big Freedia create a Guinness world record for twerking in NYC. | Reuters
  • 4 – Gangnam Style Hip hop sensation PSY exploded into the world music scene with his video reaching over 2 billion views in YouTube. The ride-the-pony dance move went all across the globe and even US President Obama admitted to have danced around the white house. | Reuters
  • 3 - Wiggle Dance LMFAO’s sexy and I know it might be sexually provocative but nonetheless, it won the Grammy award for best-group performance for it. The music video was flagged by YouTube for its sexual content. | Reuters
  • 2 - Elvis Presley Mr Presley’s hip wiggles and thrusts sent a generation of screaming girls into hysterics. His scandalous signature moves made him the king of Rock and Roll | Reuters
  • 1 - Harlem Shake This definitely tops the list among the weirdest. There isn’t just one viral video, there are thousands. A Harlem shake video lasts about 30 seconds, where there is peace and mayhem. | Reuters

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