Imran Khan marches for peace

  • Pakistan's ex-cricket star-turned-politician Imran Khan, center, is surrounded by his supporters as he arrives to lead what organizers are calling the "peace march," in Islamabad, Pakistan, Saturday. Hundreds of Pakistanis, joined by dozens of American activists, set off Saturday on a motorcade "march" to protest against US drone strikes, hoping to reach a militant-riddled Afghan border region that has been the focus of many such attacks. AP
  • Imran Khan, top left, addresses supporters during a peace march in Mianwali, Pakistan, Saturday. Thousands of Pakistanis joined by a group of US anti-war activists headed toward Pakistan's militant-riddled tribal belt to protest US drone strikes - even as a Pakistani Taliban faction warned that suicide bombers would stop the demonstration. AP
  • Pakistanis and American citizens hold banners and chant slogans against drone attacks in Pakistani tribal belt, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Friday. AP
  • American citizens rally in Islamabad, Pakistan against drone attacks in Pakistani tribal belt, Friday. AP
  • American citizens invite people to join anti-drone rally to Pakistani tribal area, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Friday. AP