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Prabhu Chawla is the Editorial Director of The New Indian Express group.

Having begun as a reporter and spent over 40 years in journalism during which time he has headed The India Today group and The Indian Express as Editor, Chawla has witnessed and recorded dramatic changes in Indian democracy — from the trauma of the Emergency, the pathos of Rajiv Gandhi's rise and fall and the angst of Mandal to the churning of liberalisation and the rise of coalition politics.

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Australia 15-02-2017

Q: Why every opposition comes so hard on modi? They use so foul and offensive language against him. Is this because of his popularity or something else. Never we had witnessed so much of hatred for an individual in the Indian history.

A: Being popular and powerful invites many foes. However, we shouldn't expect opposition to be kind to the ruling party.

Neeraj Kapoor

New Delhi 15-02-2017

Q: Many doctor writing is very bad and medicine name are not well understood sometimes, resulting chemist giving incorrect medicine and patient consuming incorrect medicine. Do we need a law/rule for doctors to write medicine name in CAPITAL. How it can be done?

A: Can you teach people to learn better wring skills? It is a talent which doesn't come to all automatically. However, patients should insist on legible prescriptions from their doctors. You can't enforce it though any law.


Palakkad 15-02-2017

Q: Lately, The New Indian Express is showing anti BJP/Hindutwa leanings. Many of your writings often published are biased. It is no more neutral, as once it was.

A: We appreciate your opinion. But the paper remains committed to the ideal of Favour None and Fear None.

R Ethirajan

CHENNAI 600091 15-02-2017

Q: Is it not a surprise the accused in Aircell-Maxis case are discharged by the CBI Special court Judge who also deals with 2G case. Could the judgement be the same for 2G also. Alas the so much of Mr Gurumurthy's arguments gone astray?

A: Each case is decided on its own merits. CBI has already filled an appeal against the order.

Engineer shareef

India 15-02-2017

Q: Right wing Hindu extremist in India were rejoicing Trumps Anti Muslim policies, now that he is suggesting reforms in H1-B visa policy (Hitting mostly Indians), none of those leaders are available for comments. Don't you think that Trump can't be India's well wisher ?

A: Every Country is entitled to protect its national interests. Trump has been voted by Americans and not Indians. He is doing what he thinks is good for India. Right wingers always do right things. In fact, Indian companies have been exploiting Indian techies by paying them less than what they actually deserve. Most of the Indian companies operating in the US charge exorbitant fees from their clients and pay little to those who actually do the ground work. It is not surprising that CEOs of Indian companies earn millions as salaries and paying much less to the middle level executives.