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Prabhu Chawla is the Editorial Director of The New Indian Express group.

Having begun as a reporter and spent over 40 years in journalism during which time he has headed The India Today group and The Indian Express as Editor, Chawla has witnessed and recorded dramatic changes in Indian democracy — from the trauma of the Emergency, the pathos of Rajiv Gandhi's rise and fall and the angst of Mandal to the churning of liberalisation and the rise of coalition politics.

Your Replies

Shankar Rao

Bengaluru 09-09-2017

Q: Can the two factions of AIADMK last their term of 5 years with Sasikala putting breaks on the opportunistic power hungry alliance?

A: She is behind bars but she has full control over the cadres. If she can prevent a formal split till she completes her term, AIADMK may survive in the office for a full term.

Shankar Rao

bengaluru 23-08-2017

Q: Even after 70 years of Independence, our politicians are still spending crores of public money on advertisements, celebrations etc on various government schemes and programs, which relatively have no bearing on empowerment of common man's economic security. Isn't it a sheer posturing and criminal wastage of scarce public resources?

A: Ads are meant to remind their votes that they are in power and are working in their own interests and not for the public. Netas also put their pictures so that voters in their constituencies don't forget their faces.


palani TN 23-08-2017

Q: Which party is more secular BJP or Cong.? Cong. doles out money to the Muslims whereas BJP enlightens the Muslim women against 3 Talaq, equality and good education to the most deprived class of religion. NDA shows the way for their upliftment. Am I correct Sir?

A: Secularism doesn't necessarily mean equality before law. BJP preaches inequality while the Congress practices intervention for the minorities on behalf of the state machinery.

Mamutty Chola

Mumbai 23-08-2017

Q: Despite open acts of discrimination against minorities and Dalits, why Modi government at the centre is denying and any one pointing out the ongoing violence in the name of cow is treated as anti-national. Asking CM of Tripura to reshape the independence day broad is not act of intolerance? As an Indian I am extremely worried the direction BJP/RSS is taking the country when the dissent is treated as an act of anti-national.

A: I feel you don't listen to the speeches made by the Prime Minister. He has spoken strongly against vandalism in the name of cow protection. In fact, number of such incidents has come down during the past few weeks. I am not aware of the facts about the speech which was to be delivered by Chief Minister of Tripura. Each Chief Minister or even the prime Minister has to follow a code of conduct while using state information media for giving speeches on Independence and republic Day. They aren't expected to name any political party, any opponent or a religion. If Mr Sarkar violated any of these guidelines AIR was within its rights in asking him to revise his speech.


Pondicherry 23-08-2017

Q: Where is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for the last four months. I think now Mr.Rahul Gandhi is taking his role as he usually getting the negative publicity as Kejiwal. Will you agree sir?

A: He is very active and active. Till yesterday he was actively campaigning for his party. Kejriwal has chosen to talk less and work more for his party.