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  • Q: Why don't you go for a face to face interview with Sri Narendra Modi in your programme Sacchi Baat so that we can hear his views on current controversies. Is there any restriction that a Prime Minister cannot be called to such programs?
    A: One can't call the Prime Minister or any other leader or even a person on a show unless the person agrees. Period.
    Sadhan Kumar Dutta
  • Q: Your editorial dated 20 June 2015 reflects my thought and many of my friends. Can I share this article with your name on whatsup? (In JPEG format)
    A: Sure.
    Keshav Kumar
  • Q: Legally technically no wrong was committed by Sushma and Vasundhara Raje. If Congress is so confident why don't they file an FIR against them? Sushma had asked UK govt to consider the visa application as per rules. This is not favour. All the dealings of Raje happened well before she assumed the office of CM. Where is corruption here?
    A: Congress is expected to use anything against its opponents. You can't blame them.
  • Q: Do you agree that media is highlighting only some who had contacts with Lalit Modi has been selectively leaked. Why are they not speaking on the others named by him. Definitely Shukla or Tharoor or Pawar for that matter had touch with him. Will not be surprised if the Gandhi's too met him. Then why media is making hue and cry selectively?
    A: I agree with you. I have raised the same issue during my debate on TV channels and in my columns.
  • Q: When I heard Arun Jaitley speak in the parliament during the Lokpal legislation, I was highly inspired. I was disappointed when during the height of public outcry against Srinivasan, he kept quiet. Nowadays, he is quite brazen while defending Sushma, Gadkari, Raje etc. Was I wrong in evaluating Jaitley as a man of impeccable integrity? Is he still behaving like a lawyer who provides escape routes for the rich who are in legal trouble? What do you think?
    A: He is successful politician. I can't say anything more than that.

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