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  • Q: Why are people not utilizing the schemes introduced by government?
    A: Because these schemes don't reach the actual beneficiaries on time. Middlemen just swallow the money.
  • Q: Why is Arun Jaitley is giving confusing statements on black money culprits. He needs to do his Raj Dharam to the nation he has taken oath as Finance Minister in his capacity. Not fall behind some treaties such as double taxation which doesn't even apply here especially on names handed over by Germans. His statements have impacted the credibility of not just him but more importantly even Modi on this issue. I think its better Modi institutes a separate ministry with complete authority and headed by a honest upright no nonsense minister to deal with Black money issue.
    A: NDA government has also been mesmerised by the civil servants who are protecting black money holders. Modi has to assert his authority because his own credibility is at stake.
  • Q: More than once Modi behaved as an RSS Pracharak than a PM. He did not wish Muslims on Eids but greeted Hindus on Dashera, Diwali. He wants to visit flood victims in Srinagar, but never visited the 2002 Genocide victims. Is he not acting against the spirit of Indian Constitution?
    A: Let us accept a reality that voters of India have given a big mandate to Modi and have dismissed all the charges levelled against him. Let his now deliver. If he fails , he will also be voted out.
    Engineer Shareef
  • Q: Sir, Black Money --Disclosure of names --Do you think BJP is also playing "cover up" game ? What is the actual fact? To what extent FM"s reasons are acceptable?
    A: NDA government is also led by the Babus who drafted the reply for the UPA government. I think Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to disclose the names during his election speeches. He would like to do so. But he hasn't been able to push finance Ministry officials to find out the solutions and announce the names.
  • Q: What went wrong for BJP in reaching a simple majority mark in Maha Polls?
    A: Weak and divided local bJP which was led by a strong national leader. They failed him by not able to connect with the people in rural Maharashtra.
    Shankar rao

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