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  • Q: I m from Odisha, so as our admission is done by AIPMT previously. What would be our future now? If students of NEET phase 1 can apply for NEET phase 2. If allowed then is government seats of Odisha will be given on which mark and rank basis?
    A: You can get all such details by visiting the Website of the government and the ministry. As there is so much of confusion only government is the correct source for getting right information.
    Sanjeev Patro
  • Q: The candidates who have appeared for NEET phase 1 is eligible to write NEET phase 2?
    A: Please the web site and find more details about the system.
    Abhyas Kumar
  • Q: What's the role of Sushma if PM Modi himself so frequently visits foreign nations?
    A: Prime Ministers talks about policies and meets his counterparts. External Affairs Minister is expected to implement the decisions taken during the meetings between the Prime Minister and his counterpart. Foreign Policy is always decided by the Prime Minister.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: What has happened to the son of a goonda and a minister in Bihar who casually decided to shoot dead some innocent young man over some pathetic slight about being overtaken in a car? Forgotten is it?
    A: As per reports, all of them are in jail and will face trial.
    Harrow, UK
  • Q: Recently Supreme Court confirmed defamation is a criminal offence and declared that Right to freedom of expression is not an absolute one. Who will be the most affected person by this Apex Court verdict - Politicians or corporate or individuals or media...
    A: It is applicable to all the individuals and not the institutions. Only persons can be charged with criminal offence and not an institution.
    R.Vijay Krishna

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