Replies from Prabhu Chawla

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  • Q: It takes a minimum of ten years to set right the rot of the past. Modi is not for short term haul. Temporary hiccoughs are expected and as you rightly pointed out a Modi is needed in every state. Modi is not allowing any deviations or compromises at top level and it takes some time to percolate to the lower level. Ultimately it will be G.D.P growth poverty alleviation that decides the 2019 results. Is it not premature on the part of Maneka Gandhi to project her son in U.P politics?
    A: Like many Indian mothers Maneka also gets an occasional son stroke. Varun is brilliant but has to behave like a team player. He has to a get a bit of Gandhi arrogance out of him if he wants to become a leader.
    Rama Mohana Rao Kodali
  • Q: Why BJP lost in assembly by-polls?
    A: Because it lacks a good state level organisation. In UP, it didn't have even proper poll strategy.
    Rahul Pandey
  • Q: When BJP won 70 seats in U.P. during Lok Sabha elections the comments were 'BJP won due to communal polarization'. Now BJP's loss in U.P. by polls is commented as 'BJP lost due to its communal politics'. How is that the communal voters of U.P. became secular within a period of 4 months?
    A: It is not as simple as you think. BJP won 73 seats UP only because of Modi who himself chose Varanasi for himself. Modi was a polarisation personality and massive majority in UP voted for him and not the party. But during the assembly by polls, there was no leader like the Prime Minister who could polarise the voters around his idea of politics and governance.
    Achuta Bhat
  • Q: BJP has not done well in By poll elections - results surely fails in comparison to Lok Sabha figures , but does it mean that Government should quit? TV debates on English Channels almost go to that extent! And some Anchors appear to rejoice instead of doing an unbiased job! -- What do you say on the results?
    A: Modern journalism is meant to give more views than actual news. However, it is also a fact that the BJP lost badly in both UP and Rajasthan which gave the party almost 100 seats. It reflects the weakness in its thinking and cadre connection with local leaders. Indian journalism, by and large is still unbiased.
  • Q: In my opinion, the recent election results show Modi is becoming stronger while his party BJP is weaker. Your views please?
    A: Party was weaker earlier as well. It is not the BJP which won the Lok Sabha election. It was Modi all the way. But there is no other Modi in any other state. The BJP lacks good and popular local leaders. It is now producing leaders who can speak on TV but fail to connect with workers and the masses.

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