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  • Q: Why is the Modi government not implementing OROP for the armed forces veterans?
    A: It is because of internal fight amongst its senior Minister. Why should Defence Minister or prime Minister get the credit? There is no valid explanation for delaying it. Only the Finance Minister of India knows. PM wants it, defence Minister has cleared it but Finance Minister is just sitting over it and embarrassing the Government. Government has enough money.
  • Q: Despite India's stand on Kashmir and Pak aided Terror, Pakistan never seems to understand the double game it is playing! Could India have done anything better on NSA level talks rather calling off the same?
    A: I think it was one of the most effective way of telling Pakistan that either you talk terror first or get lost.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: Why Modi is silent on Vadra and Sonia corruption? Is he afraid that Vajpayee's foster son's corruption will come out?
    A: You don't expect a prime Minister to speak on individuals. It was fine when he was Chief Minister and seeking votes. Now his Ministers will speak and take action. Home Minister has already removed Vadra's name from the list of no-frisk VIPs.
  • Q: Do you think the decision of PM Narendra modi to give RS 1.25 lakh crores to Bihar as special package is an apt move? With elections around the corner, shouldn't this be seen as a political move?
    A: Of course it's a political move. It happens during every election. Even Nitish Kumar has announced a development package of over Rs 60,000 crores. A small section of voters get influenced by such decisions taken on the eve of the elections. In Bihar, it is going to be a battle of personalities than issues.
    Ajay S Kumar
  • Q: House arrest of 3 anti India muslim leaders in Kashmir is right or wrong? In my view govt has taken a bold step in the right direction to curtail Pakistan's action before talks, what do you say?
    A: It is not for the first time that they have been detained. They are now used to getting in and out of jail. But Modi has taken a more important decision by telling Pakistan that Hurriyat leaders can't be party to any dialogue. Now Pak has to decided whether they want dialogue with Government or flirt with the separatists.

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