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  • Q: The post of Governor is at the mercy of Political Party in power at Centre. Narendra Modi is repeating same story of the Congress. This constitutional post has become a rehabilitation centre for failed Politicians. Earlier this post was misused by many Political leaders. Is this country dearth of renowned educationist/ scientist/ bureaucrats? It is not expected from Modi to follow the same tradition. Why Mizoram is being treated as a punishment place? Your opinion please.
    A: I agree with you that post of a governor shouldn't be politicised. But with different parties ruling in various states, Centre its committed representative to protect genuine federalism. For example many previous governors in many states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh were not letting the state governments do their business. Academicians don't understand the politics of governance and can't be given such responsibilities.
    Sadhan Kumar Dutta
    Cuttack, Odisha
  • Q: Do you feel our PM promotes corporates and is if so, is it a right choice? Any danger you see in this move and what is the positive side?
    A: It is the duty of the government to encourage Industry to invest and create more employment opportunities and wealth for the nation. Modi is creating favourable investment climate as against encouraging crony capitalism. If he does that, then it may be improper.
    Abu Dhabi
  • Q: Rajnath Singh was seen visiting Sadhavi Pragya Singh, Modi was seen with Aseemanand, Shah booked for Murder. With these three persons occupying high offices, do you think Justice will be done to the victims of these Sangh affiliated accused?
    A: Visiting an accused is not a crime. Rajnath is not interfering in the process of law. Aseemanand has been granted bail by the High Court after four years. He trial is continuing and Shah will also face judicial scrutiny. We should have full faith in our judiciary.
    Engineer Shareef
  • Q: Is Modi is soft like Manmohan Singh in dealing with Pakistan for ceasefire violation. BSF says the number of violation is more this time since 1971. Why Modi is not taking a strong retaliatory actions. Is there any International pressure?
    A: Modi isn't soft on Pakistan. He has called off the talks and given them the framework for a dialogue. He is now the Prime Minister and not a candidate for the post. He can't speak but he actions will speak for him.
    Sadhan Kumar Dutta
    Cuttack, Odisha
  • Q: You are an independent journalist but your views and thoughts are always more pro-BJP and people say that you are like Narasimha Rao who covertly support the BJP. Pls debunk the myth if it that is so.
    A: We favour none and we fear none. I practice journalism of convey the truth irrespective of the parties or individuals involved.

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