Replies from Prabhu Chawla

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  • Q: Mr. Modi decided not to take journalists along with him in his foreign trips. Is Mr. Modi slowly becoming the same Modi who always avoided to answer tough questions?
    A: I admire his decision of not taking journalists with him. No other country's PM or President does. Let us spend our own money if we want to cover his foreign trips. Over 100 Indian journalists including me landed up in New York. But he should be ready to face the media. I am sure he will not copy his predecessor.
    Vatsal Chirimar
  • Q: During UPA Govt. rule Mulayam was given a clean chit by CBI. How come ? He was a 2 bit teacher in God forsaken Safai village of Etawah. Today he travels by private jet. He must be the richest Socialist in India.
    A: I don't think he was given a clean chit by any government. Some cases are still pending in the courts. It is fashionable for political leaders to travel by private jets after coming into power. Even Mayawati and Lalu, a former socialist do it. Mulayam like other socialist has acquired a massive economic clout.
  • Q: Political leaders like Lalu Yadav and Jayalalithaa have been sentenced by the Courts for being corrupt. But I find the AAP party which poses to fight against corruption is picking up fights with only BJP and not talking anything about these 'proved corrupt political leaders. Can we still believe that the AAP is against corruption?
    A: Both JJ and Lalu don't pose any threat to AAP. They have to fight the BJP in Delhi. I think AAP is adopting a correct political strategy is targeting the BJP.
    Achutha Bhat
  • Q: In my opinion HM Rajnath Singh used very strong words against China. Why did he do that? We need to be little bit polite in conveying our views.
    A: He used the right language which China understands. China has been taking advantage our humility. We should behave like a strong nation.
    Anand K N
  • Q: It took 18 years for Dr. Subramaniam Swamy to bring J. Jayalalithaa behind the bars. Our judicial system took just 18 days to set her free. Don't you think people will lose faith in judiciary?.
    A: Let us not raise questions about our judiciary. It is the only hope and so far it has worked in favour of national interest.

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