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  • Q: Every year 25th January is celebrated as Martyr's day in memory of those who lost their lives during anti - Hindi agitation. In my opinion this divides the nation and sow the seeds of hatred towards one language. Your opinion please.
    A: It is a politically motivate agitation and is dying slowly. People have moved forward and not interested in language conflict. They wanted to be connected with rest of the country and should be left alone to choose their own language for communication.
    Anand. K.N.
  • Q: When MP CM grant asylum to Pakistani Hindus, why can't same be accorded to SL Hindu Tamil refugees?
    A: I think you are not aware of the large number Tamil refugees staying in various parts of Tamilnadu.
  • Q: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi conferred the National Awards for Bravery 2014. So far we heard of rewards to Kodnani, Amit Shah, Sangeet Som, Sanjiv Balyan etc. Is it the first time he gave awards for "Saving Lives"?
    A: I am aware you views and love for Modi. Don't forget, it is for the first time Modi was giving away bravery awards as prime Minister. He wasn't PM earlier. Don't worry, he will keep awarding such awards for the next four years and hopefully beyond if he wins again.
    Engineer Shareef
  • Q: When India will have news channel like BBC, where it's news spread from all corner of society, where as Indian news media house spreading negativity in the society. Don't you think freedom of speech without responsibility presents one sided picture.
    A: BBC is also not that independent as all of us are forced to believe. It also keeps in mind what is good for UK. It's an old institution and much more experience while our channels are new and are competitive with other for eye balls. It is will some time before our TV channels become fully professional.
  • Q: Do you think that Modiji will use these bilateral talks with Obama to wipe out terrorism and coerce Pak to fall in line? Also he must advise Pak to transfer all terrorists including the leaders who perpetrated killings on 26/11 at Mumbai. Will he oblige? Your views please.
    A: It will be premature to expect any immediate results. It is just a new beginning and Obama refrained from making any direct commitment or attacking Pak sponsored terror. Americans would do only that which is in its and not India's national interests.
    Palani TN

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