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  • Q: Is the Saradha Chit Scam will be a Waterloo for Mamata as four of her close aides arrested by CBI for malpractices? But she is yet to understand the reality that she and her party TMC is under pressure of losing their ground support and doomsday is nearing. What you have to say on this?
    A: I am sure many more may be arrested soon. But it would affect her popularity as she is playing vote bank politics.
    OPS Menon
  • Q: Should we encourage Pakistan sportsmen to participate in sports events in India, after their utterly disgraceful, despicable and indecent behaviour after their victory over India in a Hockey Semi final match at Bhubaneswar? Was there any provocation from any section of the Indian crowd?
    A: We should allow any activity on our soil which allows the player to make money and get fame as well. They must oppose terror as our players do.
    Shankar rao
  • Q: Modi Government has within two days of govt. formation appointed SIT as per SC order in respect of black money issue,which the previous UPA govt. evaded even after 2 years. Arun Jaitley has several times explained through all forums the reason for not being able to reveal the names of black money holders. Under this backdrop, is it fair on the part of media to ask the same question as to why Modi Government has not stood up to its promise of bringing back black money within 100 days? What is your opinion?
    A: Media is just raising questions over the defence which NDA government has given. It has given the same response which was given by the UPA government. SIT was appointed because of the deadline given by the SC. I am sure NDA will not let down the voters and do its best to get the money back.
  • Q: What is the logic or rationale behind DBT relating to subsidized domestic LPG supply? Government could have cut subsidy amount by some percent if the intention is to reduce the cash transfer amount in a phased manner later! A lot of money is being wasted on news paper releases advising consumer to link their bank accounts etc- an unnecessary exercise for all- please explain.
    A: Unless the government spends money on unnecessary items, corrupt babus can't make money. It is their habit to create loopholes. Cash transfer is not going to work because most of the gas connections are bogus. The money will go into bogus accounts.
  • Q: Will ban on conversion work in India? Will the minorities approve the ban?
    A: Law should apply to all. We are a secular country and no one should force another person to change his religion under duress.
    R C Mohan

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