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  • Q: After reading a lot of your answers it seems clear that you really don't believe that politicians are interested in the wellbeing of India. BJP wants to pass the laws which they opposed and congress opposes the laws which they fail to pass. Why are you so soft in choosing the right words, politically correct, is it difficult to say that our politicians have a very meagre intelligence and that little what they have is totally focused on selfishness?
    A: All of us have elected these politicians whether they are power or in the opposition. We have got the rulers which we deserve. Why do you expect me to comment on the DEEDS OF WISDOM DONE BY THE VOTERS.
  • Q: Does Congress have any moral right to question imposition of president rule in Arunachal as the speaker was not discharging his duties constitutionally after majority of MLAs had expressed no confidence in him?
    A: It Governor's word against the Congress's. Since the case is before the supreme Court, let us wait for its verdict.
    Shankar rao
  • Q: Do you expect that budget session will be carried out without any hitch? Whether GST will be passed? I hope and trust better council ill prevail on congress. Your Views?
    A: Opposition is always on the lookout for a chance to embarrass the ruling party. It is for the NDA to avoid confrontation. I don't think given the current atmosphere of confrontation GST or any other important legislation would be passed during the budget session.
    Palani TN
  • Q: Why women activists want to enter Sani Bhavan temple breaking the age old custom? What they are going to achieve except incur the wrath of SANI. When they are having so many confronting problems is it absolutely necessary for them?
    A: What do you mean. Only men who commit many more sins are allowed to worship. God belongs to all irrespective of gender , caste or community. Traditions keep changing with times.
  • Q: India, Poland, coming up USA, France and finally Germany. Modi really seems to the Trendsetter of the 21st Century. Are people sick of democracy and global peace after 81 Years of World War II? Even people with good jobs and food abundance seem sick of what they have and wish for dramatic change? It seems that the spirit of Peace has expired.
    A: Too much of money also leads to conflicts. If money and religion are mixed, theybecome a lethal bomb for waging bloody conflicts.

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