Replies from Prabhu Chawla

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  • Q: Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka are accusing BJP of being 'one man', viz. Modi 'Party". Indira Gandhi was Congress, Rajiv was Congress and now Sonia is Congress as well as the one who controls the PM and the Union Govt, as alleged by Sanjay Baru, former PMO Media Advisor. Why no media-person is challenging Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka on their tirade against BJP/Modi as being a big joke on the Nation? It is like kettle calling the pot black.
    A: It is not our job to take sides. Even Baru didn't believe as media advisor that his boss was a dummy Prime Minister. He wrote strongly worded letters to various editors who wrote against the prime Minister. Now when the Congress is going out of power, he has started speaking. It was the media which has been consistently writing that the Congress party controls the government. Let the voters decide their rulers and let the media do its independent job.
  • Q: Naidu and Modi sharing the poll platform is the height of their opportunism. Naidu opposed Modi and wanted him to resign as Gujarat CM during Godhra issue. Naidu went on saying that alliance with BJP was an historical mistake. What for they aliened now except for power. Naidu now you are a good with Modi, why don't you influence him to give some natural gas for our closed gas power plants for want of gas. Why did not Naidu, said to be a visionary did not participate in getting gas share for Andhra when he was CM when centre floated expression of interest. What happened behind the scenes for intentionally kept quite when Reliance and other private companies had taken the gas fields? At least Naidu can rectify the damage by seeking some share of gas with his new friendship to light the lamp in Andhra Pradesh.
    A: Elections are fought for winning them. Principles are sacrificed for seeking power. Since corporates fund all the political parties, please don't expect any action against any one after the elections.
    Sunkavalli Venkanna choudary
  • Q: BJP, BSP and SP are the most corrupt political parties say`s Smt Sonia Gandhi President AICC, But how she can justify running of Govt. with the help of the corrupt parties/party?
    A: Opportunism is now the most powerful tool of any poltical party which wants to acquire power at any cost.
    Surjit S Doad
    Phagwara Punjab
  • Q: Health care in India has come of age, how can we sell it to the world?
    A: It hasn't so far. Indians are being denied affordable health care even now. It is expensive and is available to the affluent classes.
    Dr. Benedict Raj
  • Q: Why nobody is talking about Rahul Gandhi's girl friends and his sex escapades?
    A: We don't discuss gossips about personal affairs of any political leaders.