Replies from Prabhu Chawla

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  • Q: The contents mentioned in the book Accidental Prime Minister if true, don't you think it puts some disturbing questions especially if you take the scams happened in last 10 years as who also should be held accountable and questioned by the courts apart from PM. It was not already known but the book provides confirmation. Isn't the PM responsible for setting a dangerous precedent and take responsibility for this grievous mistake as it concerns the nation and not something like a family?
    A: All of us knew it and even the Prime Minister himself confessed that he took advice from the Congress president. When India Today called him an Accidental prime Minister , Sanjay Baru protested and denied the story. Now he is saying the same thing which we have been writing for the past ten years. How do we trust him?
  • Q: How can the head of the state Government, The CM alone can be made responsible for the power shortage crisis that prevails in the State? Is it not the time, rather a very high time to create awareness among the people's mind, that it is the responsibility of every person to contribute at least a little liability towards the crisis and to make every person to realise that it is our own crisis? Therefore instead of the routine error balancing administration, is it not necessary to start a programme which would inspire every single individual to get involved in the venture to set right the problem to arrive at a rational solution to meet the cumulative, ever growing necessity for power?
    A: It is the duty of the state government to ensure proper supply of essential services like water and electricity. State government must encourage more and more power generation. However, it is the duty of the citizens to prevent power theft and minimise its wastage.
    Jeyakumar J
    1/416 sastha nagar main road, medavakkam, chennai 100.
  • Q: Now that everything the public already knew has a confirmation from Sanjaya Baru's "Accidental Prime Minister", has there ever been a weakest PM than Manmohan Singh considering even files were sent and first approved by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh was just following the procedure after that. Now isn't this also had a national security issue as there are things from strategic perspective that only a PM should know and not an unofficial "Super PM" who was not officially representing or accountable to the nation.
    A: I haven’t read his book. In fact, India Today carried a story in May 2005 calling Manmohan Singh an Accidental Prime Minister who was taking instructions from the AICC President. Sanjay Baru, then an Advisor to the prime minister had denied our story and lodged a protest with Indian Today. How do I trust him now?
  • Q: If our Honourable Chief Minister could spare just 15 of her precious minutes I can present a project which will totally eradicate the power problem in TN. I tried for an appointment for the same a year ago. Will CM spare little time in the interest of the nation?
    A: You can send your proposals by post or through email and you may get a response. As a Chief Minister, she receives hundreds of such requests and it is unlikely that she would find time for everyone. Send an email to Narendra Modi as well.
    Jeyakumar J
    Medavakkam, Chennai
  • Q: Don't you think that the Congress is facing a serious drought of ideas and pitiable leadership crisis, as such it is stooping too low to remain afloat, which may turn out to be a futile exercise?
    A: Please don't forget that the Congress is 120 year old party. Despite many splits, it has remained a single largest party in the country. It still rules in more than half the states. Its current leadership may be weak but time is on their side. If they lose this election, new leadership will emerge in Congress which will much more powerful than the leaders in the opposition.