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  • Q: Who's hastening a Congress Mukt Bharat? Is it BJP or Congress itself?
    A: BJP has done its bit. Let us wait for the Congress.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: It is very sad to see veteran journalists like you supporting the dynastic politics especially that of Congress. I am referring to your latest column and an old one that talked about Priyanka being a better alternative to lead the Congress party. Leading a party with inheritance but not by leadership or merit is opposite to the core principles of democracy. Even if congress takes a hit in the short run, it will emerge as a stronger party if it comes out the so called "Gandhi's" grip, don't you think?
    A: I enjoy the freedom of expression as you do. You can't expect me to agree with you. I am a journalist and would say what I think is factually correct. Congress can't survive without a Gandhi. Has it in the past? In fact, Indira Gandhi created another Congress by throwing out all the old satraps. However, both Sonia and rahul do not possess the kind of awe and acceptability as Indira did.
  • Q: Do you believe that China said Pak was the reason for Bombay terror attack? What is the reason for this sudden change by China? Is it because of China that feels isolated or Modi's worldwide tour in mobilising support for its UN membership which was till date vetoed by China?
    A: Both China and America can't be trusted when it comes to India. None of them want India to become a super power and dictate international agenda. Let us wait what stand both of them taken when they discuss India's membership to NSG.
    Palani TN
  • Q: What is your view on our PM speaking against previous leaders in foreign lands, may be to Indians there?
    A: It could avoid as he has won massive majority. But Modi is a person who speaks his mind irrespective of the venue.
    Tusarkanta Satapathy
  • Q: Why not a single leader from non-BJP parties recognise Modi's honesty and come out in the open and say I will support Modi's policies so long as they are for the People! No guts?
    A: Why do you expect that from his opposition? Have you seen any party including the BJP supporting good policies of their political rivals? Our politics is meant for dirty people who indulge in dirty tricks.

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