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  • Q: What is India's main strength in world cup?
    A: Our team is strong in all departments -bowling, batting and fielding. It is fighting like a united team.
    Milind Kumar
  • Q: Don't you think Anna is an opportunist? When his movements failed without Kejriwal, he suddenly accepted him for garnering support in Delhi. He learned he is nothing without Kejiriwal or people with mass support. He exposed himself as a sheer showman.
    A: It can be other way round as well. It was Anna who provided credibility and the platform to both Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. Anna still enjoys support of the people because he has refrained from taking active part in politics.
    R C Mohan
  • Q: The Land Acquisition Bill passed by UPA made was a defective law which made land acquisition very expensive and time consuming. Why should people like Anna Hazara oppose the new bill provide for fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition which would radically transform rural economy. Buckling under opposition pressure would be big blow to the reform process.
    A: Anna has a valid point too. Why should the government acquire land for the corporate sectors and allow them to use the land for making private hospitals, colleges and other ventures. Now where else in the world such a practice is in vogue. Government should acquire land for roads, public hospitals etc and should leave it to the industry to acquire land from the sellers directly.
    M Nagendra
  • Q: The present Rajya Sabha consists of the MPs of the political parties which were rejected by the people in the recent general election. Since these MPs are in majority, they can stop any legislation passed by the Lok Sabha which is actually representing the people. Is this not a flaw in our democratic system?
    A: Rajya Sabha members are elected by only those who have been voted by the people for the state assemblies. They are representatives of the states and not of the people directly. Rajya Sabha has been given powers by the Constitution and they are doing what is legally permissible. Issue can resolved only if the ruling party gets majority of its own.
    Achuta Bhat
  • Q: How you score the full budget by FM? Is this budget a paradigm shift from the past? Is Ache Din coming ?
    A: Id can't say anything about Achche Din. But FM avoided taking big risks. I can say Modi's stamp on the budget as he wants to Indian the Budget.
    Palani TN

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