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  • Q: Do you support open book exams in the back drop of mass copying indulged by students and their parents in matriculation exams in Bihar?
    A: I do support you as it is not possible to police every examination centre. Let us stop giving marks and give them just grades or plain certificate saying that the students has spent so many years in a school.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: National Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies i.e Consumer Forums are being used by few big companies as tools in their murky business. Small victims of unfair trade practice by companies approach the forums in the hope of getting compensation by way of punitive damages. But the companies are easily able to influence the members of forums and the companies are able to avoid punishments of even the economic offences that affect the stock-market. What is you take on this?
    A: I share your agony. Our judicial system is tardy and quite troublesome for poor litigants. But things are bound to improve if Consumers don't give up hope and keep fighting. Many Consumers courts have given good rulings in favour the Consumers as well.
  • Q: The opposition have projected themselves as pro-farmer by using the already existing hatred of the left media towards the saffron party to their advantage. The government has used the state media in the form of "Mann Ki Baat" to project itself as pro farmer as well. At least will TNIE explain the people of India that the land bill is just a matter of numbers?
    A: If you are reading the NIE it has done its bit. Our job is to inform and let the readers make up their own mind. We can't be spokespersons of any party or government.
    Prasanna Ganesh
    West Mambalam, Chennai
  • Q: Apart from the rhetoric nothing much has changed between the earlier and current Govt. Do you believe that any significant change will happen in 5 years of NDA rule?
    A: Of course, we have a majority government led by a powerful and popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has already announced good schemes like Swachch Bharat, Digital India and Make in India. But implementation is quite slow and he has to do something to ensure things move on the ground also. Moreover, we don't hear about corruption at the higher level of political leadership or Ministers.
  • Q: So the Biryani (Story) was cooked up by Ujjwal Nikam. Is it right on the part of a Prosecutor to lie while prosecuting a terrorist? Will he be rewarded by BJP Govt.?
    A: He shouldn't have made such remarks. But I don't remember, he made such a claim during the trial which could have influenced the justice.
    Engineer Shareef

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