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  • Q: Why doesn’t government improving rural education sector. If the government improves the government schools (Education sector) in terms of faculty, development, better infrastructure .... (every facility what private schools and colleges are offering) to an extent that government schools and colleges are far better than any other private schools and colleges. If they do that, I think reservation can be taken off.
    A: Why should the politicians improve education quality in rural areas? Don't you think they want to educate the poor so that they lose power? Illiteracy is the best instrument for retaining power.
  • Q: We are facing a very peculiar situation. Performance of lecturers and teachers working in many government or government-aided institutions, (primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities) is neither measured scientifically nor the teaching staff held accountable for below-par quality of education provided in a majority of these institutions of learning. But their jobs are 100 per cent secure; they get salaries, often revised as per Pay Commissions. The appointments of teaching (and even non-teaching staff) are often made after money is paid to the appointing authority. Do you think that this scenario will ever change in near future? What do you think can be done to revamp our education sector, improve quality of education and reduce scope for corruption?
    A: I agree with you quality of our teachers going down. Most of them can't speak proper language. They don't take classes. In fact, need is how to teach the teachers. We should have a scientific mechanism for recruiting teachers and they should be tested every five years.
    Narendra M Apte
  • Q: Please elaborate on the steps you take to ensure accuracy in reporting. For instance:1. In the case of book reviews, how do you check the veracity of information published by an author, as well as the author's bonafides and the accolades as quoted. 2. When the author is making serious allegations against another party, has there been a check-back (due diligence)? 3. Also, how is it determined that the reviewer is technically competent to judge thus documentation and write such reviews? 4. If no such reviewer is available for a certain topic, then how is it dealt with?
    A: As a news paper it is not our responsibility to check anything about either the author or the book. If we feel the book is not credible we just ignore it. We don't point out errors or wrong conclusions while reviewing the book.
  • Q: Is that true that provocations by Pakistanis in the borders have increased only after Vaidik met Hafiz?
    A: We are giving to much importance to Vaidik. Pakistan has been indulging in incursions before Vaidik visit also. It is the ISI which keeps the matter boiling so that its control over the system is not weakened.
  • Q: Two wheeler and four wheeler speeds must be controlled; battery vehicle only for Chennai city, then system will improve, save fuel, save environment etc. Please suggest.
    A: All of us can only suggest. But our suggestions should be feasible. Which other city in the World has such a system? It is not possible to produce so many vehicles and also ensure fuel supply for them. Already we are suffering from acute shortage of CNG in the country.
    5th std Studying, Chennai

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