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  • Q: Both Owaisis and Shiva Sena used venom against each other community. .. My question is why shiva sena is treated in a biased way and was targeted inspite of so many Hindus came out against that statment including BJP.. Where as none of the Muslim community leaders spoke about the Owaisis..and Media is Silent. .. Do We have a problem here?
    A: Majority of the Muslim population don't want to get into the controversies of attacking their communal leaders. Owaisi is just confined to few pockets and hasn't been able to grow much. His candidates lost badly in the recently held by elections in Maharashtra.
  • Q: Why Modi is so vocal about the scams in India while speaking on a public forum on Foreign soil. Is it not degrading the prestige of this country? What is the intention behind such blaming of the previous Govt. This is not an election rally. I have seen no other Foreign Dignitaries speaking against or blame their previous Govt. on Indian soil. There are also allegation of scams against BJP ruled states; why only UPA. Your comment please.
    A: Modi was speaking to Indian Diaspora. But he could have avoided it. He has won the hearts of Indians and he should have spoken about the progress the country has made under his leadership.
    Sadhan Kumar Dutta
    Cuttack, Odisha
  • Q: Rahul Gandhi is an MP. He is a public servant. He has obligation to inform the reporting /authorised person about his tour,destination, period of such tour. Please highlight the requirement in this connection ?
    A: Public servant is under no obligation to inform anyone about her or his private holiday. Any way Rahul is protected by the SPG and the government must be aware of his whereabouts.
    K Madhavan Pillai
    Nagercoil, Kanyakumari
  • Q: A top police officials of Tamil Nadu police has stated that some of the Red Sanders killed in encounter have criminal record. The Tamil Nadu govt. by announcing compensation to these people has set a bad precedent. If states begin to announce compensation to antisocial elements killed in other states because they hail from their state, where are we heading towards? When official are tortured and killed brutally by these gangsters nobody raises the question of human rights.
    A: Law doesn't give us permission to kill even those who have criminal records. They should be arrested as per law and face the judiciary. If they were hired labourers then their families must be compensated.
    M Nagendra
  • Q: A minister said that ,"science is not proved that smoking is a cause for cancer", is it correct?
    A: He must be a smoker and has an insane mind. For him human life is the best source of making money.

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