Replies from Prabhu Chawla

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  • Q: Why does your paper not cover the violence against the Amarnath Yatris. Inspite of being a Hindu Nation, they are not allowed to carry out their dharmic wishes. However, were to offer food to certain Abrahimic faiths, they want to fight and it is covered by the media.
    A: We have given it the space it deserved. It is our job to be a responsible media and not to sensationalise any news and cause communal disharmony.
    Jan Lucardie
  • Q: Why so much ill talk of Sania's marriage? Whatever the case may be she is an Indian by birth and just because of her marriage to Pakistan person doesn't alter her position. Let us take national pride because of her rather than petty politics. Am I correct?
    A: Absolutely. She is as much an Indian as all of us are. India is proud of her achievements. She has the right to marriage any person of her choice.
    Palani TN
  • Q: Are you planning a redesign of TNIE in the near future?
    A: I have no intentions. I intend to complete by contractual period. Unless you have a better job offer for me?
  • Q: Has Mr. Modi, run out of options, so quickly that he wants public advice on how to govern with his minimum impotent Govt. that after all was unsolicited by secular majority of India.
    A: I think, it's a great idea. A big leader should always keep his ears and eyes open. Any good idea coming from any person should be welcomed. Those who close their doors to others are dictators.
    Thirumalai Bhuvaraghavan
  • Q: The Media, especially electronic media and more so Arnab Goswamy's chunk is one sided and there is no scope to air one's view. The Question asking system through Phone is a myth. We are fortunate that you have given us scope to at least air our views, which you reply also. To a question in NewsHour of Arnab Ji few days back, Dr. Subramaniun Swamy had assured that Govt. would take action within 7 days. That 7 day period is over but Arnab ji is not reverting to the matter. As all my emails to the ID of Newshour are getting reverted back, will you kindly take up the issue with Goswamy? Are all the statements by Togadia, Singhal, Laxman rao of Telengana, Goa Minister (India is a Hindu country and Modiji will strengthen it) have the backing of Modi because not a word can be uttered without his consent. Pl. opine.
    A: I am sorry; it is not a practice to question another journalist. However, I will definitely raise your question with Dr. Swamy and through my news paper.
    Tusarkanta Satapathy
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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