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  • Q: How could ex-Ministers, Ex-MPs continue to occupy govt bungalows with or without payment for years together and Govt Estate department lacks teeth to enforce eviction after the expiry of member's term? Lalu Yadav, Meira Kumar and a host of other chaps holidaying on government money? Why should Govt spend hundred of crores on maintaining these worthless and shameless unemployed politicians out of Tax payers' money?
    A: Politicians are made for each other. Those who are in power today may sit in the opposition tomorrow or lose elections. They would like to retain government houses. Law is quite string but it is not enforced.
    Shankar rao
  • Q: Land acquisition bill is good or bad? Give your opinion. umakanta Mohapatra Bhubaneswar
    A: It is politically and socially incorrect. Government shouldn't be taking away land for private enterpeurs.
  • Q: Why the Main Stream Media is still against Modi. Is it because he does not care for them having been vilified for the 2002 riots as no other leader for far greater crime than this? I find all the reporting biased and repetitive (for e.g. attacks on church and the comments from fringe elements) but nothing to criticise in substantive issue. I don't belong to any party.
    A: On the contrary, there are many who feel media is soft on Modi. But media can't give up its right to criticise any government. We also can't ignore the reality that he won the battle inspite of media.
  • Q: Any particular reason why you are so pro BJP? Are you so convinced by their ideology? Or do you just see them as better than congress?
    A: As a journalist I am pro-reader. If voters have elected a BJP government, I should respect their choice. But it is my duty to criticise the government if it falters. Our motto is: Fear None, favour None. I get so many emails calling a Congress stooge. But I must confess current Prime Minister is much better than the previous one.
  • Q: What is the possible future of Mr. Arvind Khejriwal according to you ? Is he becoming regional like Jayalalitha or national like Indira?
    A: His party is quite popular in Punjab and Haryana. He is a regional leader with national ambitions. He doesn't lose any opportunity to pitch himself against the Prime Minister.
    Vikrant Patil

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