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  • Q: Whilst I personally feel there is no harm in news anchors and journalists voicing their opinions based on political affiliations, what is your view on this? Especially in the backdrop of most of the media houses brazenly being pro Congress and playing a significant role in negatively affecting the image of Modi Govt. (Your news group, as I have read and heard, is not left leaning anti Modi media house so would like to know your views on this).
    A: In a democracy all of us are entitled to hold our opinion. It is not fair for me to comment on other organisations.
    Aniil A Pamnani
  • Q: People believe most of the media persons are corrupt and world class conspirators. Should there be a media Lokpal to handle corruption and DA cases of such media specially (TV)?
    A: Media persons aren't angels. They are also part of the Society. All of us are accountable to our owners and many journalists have been sacked because of their improper conduct. Moreover, all the criminal laws are also applicable to us. FIR can also be lodged against media persons and they will face the criminal proceedings like other citizens do.
    Kulamani mishra
    paradip, Odisha
  • Q: What happens to Land Acquisition Bill, if not allowed to be passed in Rajay Sabha by the Congress/other opposition parties? Or Mr.Modi will have to wait until BJP gets a majority in Rajay Sabha too. Also the GST Bill? Can the Government circumvent the Opposition and find ways to have these Bills passed anyway?
    A: Both the bills are legislative measures and the government has no other option but to get them passed by both the houses of the parliament. BJP would never have a majority in the Rajya Sabha unless its wins states like Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka which account for about 100 RS members.
    Indrajeet Asija
  • Q: How do you face Pakistan if you are a Prime Minister of India?
    A: I would never be. Therefore I can't think like one. However, as a citizen of India I wouldn't talk to them until they hand over criminals and terrorists to us for trial.
  • Q: Why Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Ms. Raje will not resign realising that PM will be put lot of embarrassment in both houses. Both must be sacked at any cost, at least temporarily.
    A: Prime Minister would be in much more trouble if he forces both of them to quit. The opposition will ask for more. The BJP wants solid evidence or a court order to prove culpability of the Ministers and the Chief Ministers. Congress Ministers had to quit because either FIRs were registered against them or strictures were passed by the judiciary.
    Nataraja BS

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