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  • Q: The present Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi is not invited to the International Conference on 125th Birth Anniversary of our First Prime Minister Sh. Jawaharlal Nehru. Is it a good sign to our nation? What message emanates from this to the International Community?
    A: Nehru has become a tool in the hands of the politicians. Congress party retaliated because Modi didn't appoint any member of the Gandhi family as member of the Nehru's 125th Anniversary celebrations Committee.
    Hari Narayan Meher
    Subarnapur, Odisha
  • Q: Don’t you think India had after a long decades wait found a truly charismatic leader as Shri Narender Modi ji. All his statements/actions speak of expectations of majority Indian class. Should not other parties need to give him time and support to bring about changes in our country to make India economically prosperous, clean, corruption free country ?
    A: It is for the first time after 30 years that a leader has been able to win a majority for his own party. He got votes from every section of the society. It is the scale of his victory which makes most acceptable and credible leader for now. But people expect to perform as soon as possible. They will not give him enough time.
  • Q: Secretaries in various ministries reporting directly to the prime minister, bypassing the ministers, ministers have become non-entities. We have one remote raj replaced by another. Is this good for democracy?
    A: You can't call it a remote raj. If what you say is correct it means PM is taking direct interest in the affairs of each Ministry. There is nothing illegal. He is the Prime Minister. BJP has won because of him. If his ministers fail to perform, people will blame Modi and not the Ministers.
    M Nagendra
  • Q: Congress now says that Mr Modi buys publicity - (Salman Khurshid) what next? Will they say that his votes were fake and Congress party would not accept him as PM! It is not good for the country if political rivalry gets into extreme hatred among parties with Congress taking the lead --any comments?
    A: Congress doesn't even know how to behave like good losers. They must wait for Modi to slip on governance rather than making ridiculous comments on his current actions and policies.
  • Q: Can we expect snap polls in Maharashtra in near future as told by Sharad Pawar?
    A: I don't think. None of the MLAs would like to go to the polls again so soon. Fadnavis will continue in power but may not be able to take strong decisions.

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