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  • Q: When will the counselling for MBBS/BDS will be conducted for AIPMT surrendered seats?
    A: Please keep visiting various websites and you will come to know faster than what we can provide
  • Q: TNIE headline to the lead story of September 30th given like this 'My Name is Rajan And I Do What I Do' is like a Cinema Title and not fit for a news paper Headline. This shows also the arrogance of RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. What is your opinion?
    A: Rajan is a very straight forward person and I don't find any arrogance. Since it was the first time any Governor was speaking like this, it made an appropriate head line for a news paper. Three other English newspapers carried similar headline.
    OPS Menon
  • Q: Dear Sir - Have you read Rajiv Malhotra's books Being Different and Breaking India and what is your opinion on the political correctness on the "doctrine of sameness" that he talks about at length?
    A: Sorry, I haven't read his book.
    Prabhat Gupta
  • Q: For decades Bharat Sarkar has adopted western model of development - epitome is piped drinking water in rural areas. The result – community wells and ponds, the traditional sources of water have become defunct. However since last three - four years many Rajya Sarkars are trying to revive those because they are perhaps the best sources in inaccessible, rural areas. My question is, shouldn't the Sarkar strive to revive the CULTURE of using the community wells and ponds- that if maintained cleanliness, can be the best sources of water throughout the year?
    A: You can't live in a modern world by sticking to medieval system. Wells, ponds or other water bodies can be revived only to raise the water table and prevent drought like situation and restore greenery. But these can't be used for drinking water as we don't have a permanent source of keeping them full of water,. In ancient days there were enough people and country would need less water. Now our water needs have risen and it wouldn't need huge money to retain the quality of water stored in such wells and ponds which dry up during the summer.
    Pradeep Nayak
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