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  • Q: With Bihar Assembly election results out, is it the starting point of Modi's BJP decline?
    A: By elections verdict is not a vote against Modi as he was not canvassing for the party. It is against local leadership of the BJP which has never been in good shape. It is a danger signal for the par the BJP.
  • Q: The success of the alliance in Bihar is a simple illustration of mathematical summation of 1+1+1=3, which saved their skin. But does it resolve the basic contradiction between what happened during Lalu's rule and high moral sounding Nitshs' policies? In Karnataka, it takes some more time for people to condone the non-focus rule of B.J.P in that state.
    A: Politics is just an art of winning an election. Bihar is dominated by caste politics. Nitish and Lalu were able to forge a better social engineering this time than what they did during the Lok Sabha elections. Even BJP indulged in opportunism by taking Ram Vilas Paswan into NDA's fold.
    Rama Mohana Rao Kodali
  • Q: Do you feel Congress will come to its supreme in the near decade?
    A: If Modi fails to perform only then voters may opt for the Congress.
    Abu Dhabi
  • Q: How do you rate the by election results of Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab and MP? Do you think Modi govt is losing its popularity slowly?
    A: It wasn't a vote for and against the Modi government at the centre. But it is a wakeup call for the BJP and its state leaders who have always failed to deliver in the past.
    vijai lugani
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