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  • Q: Is it fair on the part of SRMU, the railway union, to express dissatisfaction with the 7th Pay Commission implementation?
    A: If Trade Unions don't protest, they will end up closing shop. They are meant to protest only.
  • Q: Do we need 19 ministers of state? PM Modi swears by minimum government, maximum governance.
    A: MOSs are always kept as trainees for a bigger role in the future. That is what precisely Prime Minister Modi has done. He could have dropped some of the non-performers. But he didn't for now.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: What solvent will dissolve terrorism from this world?
    A: Treat terror as treason and punish terrorists accordingly. They have to be neutralised before they make the World unliveable.
    Sulur, Coimbatore
  • Q: I feel dropping Smriti Irani was an incorrect move. It gives the impression that Kanhaiya Kumar has won. Your comments?
    A: Smriti has been moved not because of any Kanhaiya. She has been moved to cool down academic atmosphere and let the new Minister carry Hindutva agenda without confrontation.
    Sidhartha M
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Modi has to remember his vow: not to be held hostage to the dissolute Delhi culture, which promotes elitist exclusivity.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy talks to New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla on the party’s loss in the 2015 Delhi assembly polls, Article 370, and his position in the party on Sachchi Baat on India News.


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