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  • Q: How can CBI turn down the request of investigation? What are the reasons for turning down the request?
    A: CBI is not bound by any law to take up any case unless it is asked by the Court. It has the mandate to investigate only corruption cases involving public servants. But it is being asked to probe all sorts of cases for which it is not equipped.
    Anand K Natarajan
  • Q: Sir, Its nothing unusual for a leader to exercise control and impose his views and his followers should largely accept his vision and support him. In that sense, Arvind Kejriwal can’t be blamed. However, he is failing miserably to control and calm down his opponents within his party. Do you think he can manage to finish his term of 5 years?
    A: No one deny the reality that AAP won because of Arvind Kejriwal. He needs to carry the team with him and should delegate responsibilities. But those who have lost elections or fail to mobilise voters shouldn't attack him in public. Power is quite dangerous weapon. It can divide people. Those who don't get a share in the power wouldn't mind finishing those who have got it.
  • Q: Is it fair on the part of some Kashmiris to celebrate the defeat of Indian cricket team in the semi finals against Australia? Are they real Indians or Pakistan nationals enjoying our tax payers' money?
    A: It is not new. Some of these anti-national elements have celebrated Pak victory over India in the past. We should ignore them. They want attention and we shouldn't make them famous.
    Palani, Tamil Nadu
  • Q: BCCI is the wealthiest sports organization as far as cricket. While our stadiums have improved its nowhere near the world class stadiums be it in Australia, Europe or US. Will Indian public ever get to have a stadium like MCG and SCG. I think we deserve it at least in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and other metro's?
    A: Our cricket stadiums are much better now. They can be improved if our cricket administrators don't indulge in group fighting.
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The entire Opposition had been itching for a fight and any perspicacious politico would have seen it coming after the government issued ordinances to improve the previous bills on land and other sectors.

The maturity of Indian democracy is revealed by the fact that the food habits of a minuscule but outspoken minority have been allowed to influence legislative processes.

The caterwauling over the ban on India’s Daughter is not just about the freedom of expression but concerns the prestige of the Indian State and its constitutional duty.


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