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  • Q: There are so many doubts on contract Telangana employees. Pls tell which department employees are eligible for regularisation and what about MGNREGS staff.
    A: Sorry. I wouldn't be able to help you. Get hold of your local MLA who would perhaps help you is sorting your problem.
  • Q: What a tragedy to judiciary? It is quite clear how the DMK an ally of UPA arm twisted the govt. to help the corrupt judge's confirmation. It is a terror on judiciary and at least the NDA must learn a lesson from this and put only clean honest and intellectual persons alone are made as judges, is it not? What is your view?
    A: It is not for the first time. Even in the past judicial appointments have been done on other than merit consideration. During the emergency senior judges were superseded by Mrs Gandhi for political reasons. We have to ensure better quality of judges by constituting an independent Judicial Commission.
    Palani TN
  • Q: I was born in 1947 but of course after independence. I am hearing elders praising the discipline and maintenance of law and order situation by the British. The legacy of the British continued upto 1967. What in your opinion are the reasons for the degeneration of discipline generally in all walks of life after 1967?
    A: It is due to poor quality of our politics. Now caste and community considerations dictate action against any criminal.
    R. Raghunathan
    Chennai 600091
  • Q: Was that not a done deal with BJP to run governance with fixed judiciary, army chief?
    A: I think you have to wait and watch. So far Modi government hasn't committed any blunder. Even the appointment of a tainted person as judge took place during Congress regime.
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