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  • Q: India is passing through a dry spell this year. Several states are experiencing acute drinking water shortage. Within a few months when the monsoon breaks these very states (especially Bihar, Assam) will be facing the problem of floods. Why we are failing miserably in solving this dual situation when our scientists and engineers are capable of suggesting and executing a viable plan?
    A: There is nothing new in current dry spell. India has been through worse situations but our political leaders and government officials never bothered to plan for primary needs. They were interested in economic reforms which helped the rich to become richer.
    Raghavendra Hegde
    Kolgi, Siddapur (N.K.) 581355
  • Q: Have you seen India Today TV about the 2 years performance of Modi Govt (13/05/2016) Overall performance of NDA is 3.5/5 and Modi's personal performance is 4.5/5. What about your score card?
    A: I don't comment on reports put out by any other organisations. But Modi is doing well but below expectations. He can do much more if takes full charge of the government.
    Palani, TN
  • Q: For Bihar CM Nitish, BJP seems to be enemy No.1 because his PM dream was thwarted by PM Modi. How can Nitish now justify his alliance with RJD and Lalu on one hand and Congress and Sonia on the other? Is it not a bit ridiculous to have opportunistic alliances like Congress and Left in West Bengal and BJP and PDP in J & K?
    A: Nitish did fail in his Prime Ministerial ambitions as Modi was much more popular all over India. But you can't accuse of forging opportunistic alliances as the BJP has done the same by forming a government with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir.
    Shankar Rao
  • Q: Hats off to the new London City Mayor who wants to be known as the London City Mayor - and - not as "Muslim" Mayor of London City. Can one not expect Indian Muslim personalities to be known for who they are? Shah Rukh Khan, A.R. Rahman and other "khans" in the Bombay film industry are there rolling in crores of money revered by the "majority" community, and yet they only complain. Should not the media highlight the example set by the London City Mayor?
    A: To be fair to them they have always considered themselves as much Indians as all of us are. And they have performed the role of loyal soldiers in many films. They are making money because all of us watch their films.
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Modi has to remember his vow: not to be held hostage to the dissolute Delhi culture, which promotes elitist exclusivity.

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