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  • Q: Who writes the editorials in TNIE, Bangalore? It’s you as the Editorial Director or the Executive Director or the Editor (Karnataka)?
    A: Why are you asking this question? Editorial are written by team of editors depending on their area of specialisation.
  • Q: All India Radio was renamed as Akashvani. After protest, it was changed as AIR again. Now, Teachers Day turns into Guru Utsav. Why the govt. often forgets that India is a federal country wherein all the people united by religion, language etc. Why the BJP creates many problems again and again among the non-Hindi speaking people?
    A: It is still Akashvani in Hindi and AIR in English. Guru is Sanskrit word and is part of Bhartiya culture. Why should we use English names when a better Indian name is available? We have to get out of slave mentality.
  • Q: Is it not a bold move by Modi to ask Tamil parties in Sri Lanka to negotiate with Rajapaksha for their full freedom? How do you view this?
    A: Modi is just genuinely following India's policy of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries.
    Palani, TN
  • Q: What is GDP growth? Please explain in the simplest way that every Indian understands. How it affects our economy?
    A: It is simple. It means the value of goods produced and services delivered both to both domestic and foreign consumers. If we adjust it against inflation, it means a country is growing in real terms. If it is divided by the population of any nation a growing GDP means that each one of us are getting more income.
    Abu Dhabi
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In the past 100 days, Modi has proved that he can reach out to maximum people with minimum interaction with the media.

For a while now, all Pakistan envoys posted in India have been nothing more than remote-controlled megaphones.

It was a 63-minute speech which elitist India would abhor, even while adoring its deliverer. Flamboyant in royal Jodhpuri headgear, Prime Minister Narendra Modi comported himself like a man with a mandate.


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