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  • Q: There is a news on "The New Sunday Express," DRDO Donates Chariot worth Rs.5 Cr to Temple in Pune . Says Social responsibility. It is a case of misappropriation of Govt funds. Where is the question of social responsibility? Social responsibility of every Govt servant is to discharge his duty honestly, straight forwardly and sincerely. Here it is looting public money. Don't you think DRDO as a whole is to be specially audited by no less a person than Mr. Vinod Rai as the Defence audit of CAG has obviously failed to bring it out in its initial stage and brought the culprits to justice.
    A: I don't think it is misappropriation of government funds. Someone decided to use the money for the construction of chariot which is needed by a temple. They thought it could be part of the CSR mandate. I feel PSUs shouldn't use public money for the benefit of any religious institutions.
    Rtn.Prof. N.S.Srinivasan
  • Q: I want to know why The New Indian Express is not reporting any news of ISL matches, no single line regarding last two matches come on spots page. You don't have enough money to send a reporter and photographer to Mumbai and Goa. It is very shameful and you are downgrading yourself. All other news papers giving importance to ISL and only you are trying to hide the beautiful game by giving importance to cricket. Promote the game which the whole world is playing instead of the game only ten countries are playing.
    A: Why should we report? It is a commercial event and let them advertise as they do for every other event on TVs. We cover every sports even on merit and we can afford to send people to any part of the World if it is in the interest of our readers.
    Jinish karunakaran
  • Q: Do you feel that Odisha is truly a poor state in India. What is the reason behind this? Should we blame to Naveen Pattnaik govt for this reason. How to rank Naveen's Good Governance?
    A: Of course, it is one of the poorest in India because of poor governance and the NGOs who have been fighting against the setting up of big power and other projects. Naveen may not be an aggressive Chief Minister but he seems to be popular as he has won thrice and has finished the entire opposition.
    Umakanta Mohapatra
  • Q: Your Sunday article and Sunday Magazine cover story 'An Unholy Mess' (Nov23,2014) did not mention anything about a 'God Woman' from Kerala. This 'saintly Woman' made a huge business empire in her name in Southern States, mostly educational institutions and charitable institutions. Both articles omitted to give her name also. Is this a deliberate omission? Please explain.
    A: Our article dealt with those who were involved in criminal activities and action was taken against them. Yes it was a deliberate omission and she was not the only one. They are others as well who are doing their work without getting into any controversies.
    OPS Menon
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Poverty is often the petri dish of power. Uttar Pradesh is one of India’s most deprived states, but politically, the most powerful.

If both the Gandhis and Modi stick to their guns, the country would be rid of the pox of political blackmail by regional parties and caste calculations.

Even after 193 years of his death, the great French Emperor’s words resonate with ageless truth. Napoleon’s bon mot fits the current Congress leadership to the last vowel.


RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav talks to New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla on PM Narendra Modi’s frequent foreign visits, Congress, and the possibility of floating a janata front, on Sachchi Baat on India News.


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