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  • Q: Is it correct on the part of some TV channels to have debate on PMs address to nation on our Independence day which was used by opponents to make criticisms -valid or not- Will it not give wrong opinion about our unity to the world At least on that day political differences should take a back seat—right? That speech cannot be viewed in same way as a Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha speech -do you agree?
    A: We live in a democracy. Prime Minister's speech which contains many claims about government's performance must be debated for a healthy conclusions. But political parties shouldn't get personal and use abusive language against the prime Minister.
  • Q: When I was a student at NIT, not long before, newspapers wouldn't publish important college events even after repeated requests. But now a totally ignorant student who's is not even passed out of college is questioning an experienced general, all the newspapers are publishing it. Why are newspapers being so partial? Do you publish anything and everything if a student's father had good number of contacts?
    A: I am sorry that may an exception. Politics is not the only news. Most of us have realised that we must cover campuses more aggressively as future newspaper readership exists in schools and colleges and it is done purely on merit.
    Prasanna Ganesh
  • Q: General G.D. Bakshi's lecture was called an "insult" lecture by a student for calling Pakistan a "war-mongering nation". Do you call this intelligence or arrogance? Why are elite college students hell bent on projecting themselves as so intelligent?
    A: If Gen Bakshi enjoys his right of expression why shouldn't we deny the same right to the students. Let them differ with each other but the show of a vibrant Indian democracy must go on.
    Prasanna Ganesh
  • Q: How you relate the present political events (National or International whether speeches or actions) to the upcoming elections? Do you feel we might have seen the same scenarios if there are no elections in next 2 years?
    A: India is always in an election mode as every year some sort of election from corporations to state assemblies taking place in some part of the country. It is causing a huge loss to the nation in terms of governance and money.
    Farooq Yadranvi
    Belgaum, Karnataka
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