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  • Q: Does democracy means we are absolutely free to do anything, talk anything, say anything, do anything, wear anything? Why not rape is taken so seriously? Why Indian media had turned so shameless, that it always criticizes indirectly Hindus. Saints and more over shows about negativity, especially about our country? Major of the wordings used are hurtful. Many of our country men are feeling that, indirectly Indian news channels are advertising Christianity. I've read somewhere that, the US before turn as developed nations, its media and the text books of schools and colleges used to say, "We are the most developed nations"? It is too easy for us to debate, put comments, bad mouth and so on; especially without knowing the facts.
    A: I understand your pain. You have raised so many issues. Media doesn't elect rulers. All of you do. And you get the rulers you deserve. Democracy means speak but hear also.
  • Q: I feel that solution of social, economic and political problems of India lies in Arthkaranti Proposal. Some good hearted persons, who really love India, are canvassing for their proposal. What are your views on the Arthkaranti Proposal?
    A: I am not a krantikari. Unless I know its contours how would I give my comments?
    Parminder Khetarpal
    New Delhi
  • Q: I want to know the pros and cons of economic reforms of 1991.
    A: It has made India respectable Worldwide. But reforms have also made rich richer and poor poorer.
    Randhir Kumar
  • Q: What is the future of your favourite PM candidate Advani? Is it curtains or there is some hope for you?
    A: Prime Minister Modi will now decide the future of all of them.
    Yogesh Chandra Gupta
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Modi has to remember his vow: not to be held hostage to the dissolute Delhi culture, which promotes elitist exclusivity.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy talks to New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla on the party’s loss in the 2015 Delhi assembly polls, Article 370, and his position in the party on Sachchi Baat on India News.


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