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  • Q: Don't you think by giving communal overtones to almost everything that is happening around in politics the TV media is provoking and creating hatred within the communities. I am referring to the force feeding issue where in, instead of just condemning the force feeding of a person, the media deliberately is highlighting the point that the person was a Muslim and his fast was broken deliberately by the Sena MP that too because Sena subscribes to Hindutva ideology and that all this was done deliberately. Hasn't the media dragged it too far? Is the media itself exempted from Sec 153 A of IPC?
    A: Unfortunately, I have to take your side against my own fraternity. Media covered an ugly incident into a communal issue. It was a shameful act on the part of the MPS to force feed any individual. But the problem with new age journalism is that it is not heard unless they should loudly. They don't remember that the loudest voice vanishes faster than a normal voice.
  • Q: So many PSUs are awaiting the axe of the govt. till date neither revived nor closed. At last and at least FM has taken a bold step in this direction. Just imagine the colossal loss of our exchequer? Is it not a step in the right direction? What do you say?
    A: The government has no business to be in business. Let the Finance Minister prevail over his colleagues to disinvest the loss making PSUs first and not the profit making Maharatnas.
    Palani TN
  • Q: Pakistan's violations of cease fire at LoC have not stopped even after Modi Govt. came to power. Talking to Pakistan is a fruitless exercise as had been seen in past. Pakistan Govt. has no control over its Army. Only way is Modi Govt must retaliate strongly through Military front. Tolerance has got a limit. Do you agree Sir?
    A: I totally agree with you. We should settle the issue once for all through a decisive military action if Pakistan fails to control its action and demolish terror camps.
    Sadhan Kumar Dutta
    Cuttack Odisha
  • Q: I feel that functioning of the Employees provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is not satisfactory. We find that employee-members of PF scheme face a lot of difficulties when they seek transfer of their PF accounts, particularly when such transfers are inter-state. Then there are settlement delays. Although the top bureaucrats sitting in the headquarters of EPFO are making efforts to revamp EPFO, the lower and middle level employees in the offices of Regional PF Commissioners do not appear to be so involved in the revamp. I also feel that operations of the Employees’ Pension Scheme should be out-sourced as EPFO is not a Pension organization. How do you think will the EPFO become employee friendly?
    A: EPFO is victim of its own bureaucracy which doesn't want poor employees to get proper dividend or returns on their savings. Law should be changed in such a way that the deposits should be made in the banks after inviting bids for interests rates. Those banks who offer maximum return should get the deposits. Funds shouldn't be used for investing in stock markets.
    Narendra M Apte
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