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  • Q: The Central Government is claiming that the Whole Sale Price inflation has reached its lowest levels. Even so why the benefit has not percolated to the common man who is groaning and moaning under the heavy weight of skyrocketting prices. Why the hoarders are not captured and subject to exemplary punishment? Should they not be exposed by the state govts and banish them from this type of trade forever?
    A: It depends on the basket of goods and services which are including for calculating the index. Housing and white goods get more weightage and essential commodities les. It may due to that the Inflation is not reflecting the correct picture.
    Keshav Venkat
  • Q: Will it be useful to set-up a separate Bench to handle cases related to Political leaders, ministers and Prime ministers? This will be useful to specialize on trial and judgement of Political Leaders and allow other Judges to focus on common man's court cases. Your advise and suggestions ?
    A: It is not a bad idea. Special courts can be appointed to deal with political cases all over the country. A beginning was made in 2G cases where one judge is conducting the trail. He has no other work.
    Arul Varman
  • Q: Why Modi government has failed to bring back black money?
    A: It is easy to make promise but very difficult to deliver. Black money holders are connected globally and they wouldn't allow any government to touch their money. NDA is trying its best and let us hope for the best.
    New Delhi
  • Q: Do you think India needs a foreign minister as our prime minister is doing all the functions of foreign minister?
    A: It is not for the first time that the Prime Minister is making frequent foreign visits. It started with Jawaher Lal Nehru. Foreign Minister is expected to implement the policies laid down by the prime Minister. He or she has to travel all over the world to prepare the ground for the visits of the Prime Minister and also run the diplomatic missions.
    Vijai Lugani
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What has irked the Indian leadership are the sermons delivered by various foreign leaders, including US President Barack Obama. Indian intelligence agencies have enough evidence to substantiate the charge that many NGOs are behind fomenting communal tensions in India.

Bharat wouldn’t like Modi to fail because it still sees in him a decisive leader. The time has come for him to ensure that minimum government is more visible in maximum action and delivery.


Modi has to remember his vow: not to be held hostage to the dissolute Delhi culture, which promotes elitist exclusivity.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy talks to New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla on the party’s loss in the 2015 Delhi assembly polls, Article 370, and his position in the party on Sachchi Baat on India News.


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