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Rachabandha: Officials greeted with stones, eggs

Published: 30th January 2011 04:01 AM

Last Updated: 16th May 2012 08:24 PM

HYDERABAD: For the fifth consecutive day today, Rachabanda programme was obstructed by Telangana activists across the T-region.

The programme turned into a battle zone at Gudur in Kamalapurmandal and Peddapalli. TRS activists hurled stones, tomatoes and eggs at the officials while the police chased the agitators away.

Knowing about the incident, a large number of villagers came to the venue and chased away the police and officials.

TRS activists stalled the Rachabanda programme at Gurajala, Upparapalli and other villages in Warangal district.

They blocked the way of officials with bullock carts.

The officials had to return cancelling the programme, as some TRS activists threatened to jump from a water tank. Of the 64 Rachabanda programmes scheduled for today, the officials could manage to conduct the programme at only 20 places.

Rachabanda was conducted in a peaceful manner in Nalgonda district. As no minister attended the programme today, it passed off without any hitch in the district. However, in Adilabad the attendance for the programme was very thin.

The villagers boycotted the programme. Though officials planned the programme at 59 villages, they were able to complete it sucessfully in only 24 villages. Police took 20 persons into custody at different places for trying to obstruct the entry of the officials into the villages.

In Avalapur village, the police arrested sarpanch Minka Nagesh Reddy and others.

Only four persons attended the programme conducted by Adilabad district collector P Venkateswarlu in Bela mandal.

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