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Virtual Queue Fails to Bring Solace to Devotees

Published: 11th December 2013 10:04 AM

Last Updated: 11th December 2013 10:04 AM

Virtual queue system, the computerised  method introduced for the convenience of pilgrims for hassle-free darsan, has failed to put an end to the long wait of the pilgrims.

Thousands of pilgrims, who collected their passes through Internet, were forced to stand  in  jam-packed queue for six to eight hours for the darsan.

The devotees had to remain in standing position for four to six hours at the separate queue path for the virtual queue beneficiaries on the first floor of the eastern side of the Valiyanadapandal. The devotees, including the aged, women and children, had to remain in the queue without potable water, snacks and  toilet facilities. Faulty  darsan timing, by issuing pass for even 20,000 to 30,000 pilgrims in a one-hour period, coupled with the slow movement of pilgrims at the Holy Steps, caused severe hardships  for the pilgrims.

 The slow movement of pilgrims on the Holy  Steps, 40 to 50 pilgrims a minute in contrast of the needed 90 to 100, has resulted in a long-winding queue on the trekking path, causing  severe hardships to the pilgrims.

Lack of proper directions to the police personnel on the Holy Steps which failed to increase the movement of pilgrims to 100 pilgrims a minute is the major reason for the situation. Curiously, even when thousands of pilgrims remained stranded in jam-packed queues  at Valiyanadapandal and on the trekking path, the temple premises, including the front part of the Sanctum sanctorum and the fly-over, wore a deserted look .

 A few day ago, RAF personnel had managed to control the crowd on the Holy steps for around  two hours when the Sanctum sanctorum  faced a stampede-like situation.

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