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Students Fall Ill after Taking Noon Meal

Published: 07th January 2014 10:16 AM

Last Updated: 07th January 2014 10:16 AM

Five students were taken ill after consuming mid day meal (MDM) at Saptapheni Nodal UP School in Kantapada block on Monday.

   According to reports, Raja Laxmi Self Help Group (SHG) has been assigned the task of cooking food under MDM for the school. As usual, on Monday, rice and curry were cooked by cook Manjulata Swain and helper Gitanjali Pradhan. While taking the meal, the students complained of kerosene smell emanating from the food. But the teachers reportedly ignored their complaint.

However, after consuming meal, five students - Sonali Pradhan, Sasmita Pradhan, Susmita Pradhan, Dinabandhu Swain and Papina Swain - started vomiting and complained of head reeling. On being informed, Kantapada Block Resource Centre Coordinator Pabitra Mohan Behera rushed them to Adaspur CHC. The students were discharged after treatment. Behera refuted the allegation of contamination of food and said the students fell ill due to use of potato seeds in the curry.

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