Make Use of Aid for Drip Irrigation: Govt - The New Indian Express

Make Use of Aid for Drip Irrigation: Govt

Published: 03rd January 2014 08:01 AM

Last Updated: 03rd January 2014 08:01 AM

The Department of Agriculture has urged coconut farmers to make use of government assistance to install drip-irrigation systems on their farms under the Micro Irrigation Scheme.

According to joint director of agriculture R Jayasundar, farmers can save up to 60 per cent water and cut down expenses on fertilizers by using drip irrigation. Drip irrigation also curtails the growth of weeds up to 50 per cent, when compared to the conventional flood irrigation method. Five per cent of labour expenses for crop maintenance could also be saved, he added. Drip irrigation also helped increase the yield from 40 per cent to 200 per cent. Since this method keeps the top soil dry, crops are protected from pest and fungus attacks.

Presently, the department would be supporting small and marginal farmers with 100 per cent subsidy for installation of drip irrigation to raise red gram, while a 5 per cent subsidy was accorded for other farmers. Farmers can contact the nearest assistant directors of agriculture for further assistance, the joint director said.

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