Modi toons land 4 Kovai men in soup - The New Indian Express

Modi toons land 4 Kovai men in soup

Published: 08th October 2013 07:15 AM

Last Updated: 08th October 2013 07:15 AM

Four functionaries of the People’s Art and Literary Association were arrested for distributing unauthorised magazines and circulating ‘insulting’ caricatures of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

Rathinapuri police arrested Murugapandian (35), Ramesh (27) and Joseph (25) from Ganapathy and Sivakumar (19) after the quartet went on a door-to-door campaign, distributing the magazine. They were picked up at Chinnamal Street at 10 pm on Sunday.

“In addition to the derogatory illustrations of Narendra Modi, the quartet was arrested because they did not have the licence to print and distribute the magazine,” police said.

One of the publishers of the magazine said it was registered under the Registrar of Newspapers. All four were later released on bail.

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