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Tapes Establish DMK Bid to Cover Up Rs 200 Crore Track

Published: 05th February 2014 06:59 AM

Last Updated: 05th February 2014 12:38 PM

In the chargesheet filed by the CBI against DMK Rajya Sabha member Kanimozhi on April 25, 2011, it had said that Shahid Balwa, boss of Swan Telecom that got some of the 2G spectrum licenses, paid over Rs 200 crore as bribe money to Kalaignar TV owned by the family of DMK chief M Karunanidhi.

Purported new transcripts of tapes released by Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday establish that Kanimozhi was a director in Kalaignar TV when the transaction happened.

Balwa routed the graft money through his DB group company Dynamix Realty to Kalaignar TV, whose 20% equity was held by Kanimozhi, 20% by then managing director Sharad Kumar and 60% by Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal.The transaction took a circuitous route of Dynamix Realty to Kusegaon Fruits & Vegetables to Cineyug Films before reaching Kalaignar TV was shown in the books as unsecured loan.

After the then Union telecom minister, A Raja, was contacted by the CBI for his examination scheduled for December 24, 2010, the DMK panicked and tried to cover its tracks. To do so, Kalaignar TV started refunding the Rs 200 crore with interest to Dynamix Realty through Cineyug Films and Kusegaon. Raja was arrested on February 2, 2011 and Kanimozhi on May 21 the same year.

The Aam Aadmi Party, in its press conference addressed by Prashant Bhushan in Delhi on Tuesday, claimed that four new taped conversations had surfaced, which throw more light on the cover-up.

Prima facie, the tapes appear to be genuine and appear to be recorded by someone on a Nokia mobile phone (the recordings are .AMR files and AMR Codecs incorporate several patents of Nokia Corporation), it said though it could not independently verify the authenticity of the tapes.


The purported conversation between then TN Intelligence Chief Jaffar Sait and then CM’s secretary Shanmuganathan 

Jaffar Sait : Sir I have spoken to them…

Shanmuganathan : and?

Jaffar: He is saying that he will give Rs 60 crore first…its all ready…I will give it as advertisement (to Kalaignar TV) for 5 years.

Shanmuganathan: Ok

Jaffar: Another Rs 20 crores…he says will be arranged, but not now

Shanmuganathan : Ok 

Jaffar: Sir, remaining Rs 40 crore…I told them first we will finish this and then we will do something for the remaining amount.

Shanmuganathan: ok…

Jaffar Sait : He is giving as an amount for advertisement sir….

Shanmuganathan: If we do like that it won’t be correct…

Jaffar: That’s what sir…I will meet him again in the evening and talk to him… Sir he has suggested another thing…if you get permission…he knows some through whom he can arrange another Rs 40 crore

Shanmuganathan: ok…

Jaffar: He said I will tell you about that person when we meet, but not over the phone…and I will meet him and talk to him and will get back to you in the evening sir. Thank you. 

Conversation Ends…

Purported conversation between Jaffar Sait and Kalaignar TV MD Sharad Kumar Reddy: 13-02-2011

Jaffer: Sharad!! Sharad!!

Sharad Reddy: Sir, those Cineyug people had called from Delhi and Mumbai…and they said that their information is that next week…they are not going to come with questioner or something they will only come and take custody of the directors. So I asked him how sure are you…he said Boss! All our information is sure…its 100 percent sure. Please inform your leader right now. They are saying we are passing on the information to you…now its up to to you decide how you want to handle it.Jaffar: Our TV office they are coming he said…You remember?

Sharad: He said they said…even now he said… Everything is ready… they are now pushing for arrest…they are not pushing for inquiry…they are pushing for arrest. So its up to you guys to take it… I called up Amirtham sir (one of the Directors of Kalaignar TV) …first he said leave it then he said no…its better we first go tell off Shanmuganathan sir (Karunanidhi’s personal secretary)…that time I sent you an SMS. We came here then they decided not to tell…then I went back home…then again I got a call saying come back…

Jaffar: No..I told Shanmuganathan not to tell now…

Sharad: Correct…Its better we check up and 100 percent sure and then do it…from whatever they are saying they sounded little panicky…Just now I think from Chidambaram sir and the entire congress people have landed up……So T R Baalu sir said he will handle it.

Jaffar: When you are telling Thalivar…tell that you have also told me…

Sharad Reddy: Thanks sir..thanks sir…

Jaffar Sait: I am Checking up…They are saying the first to be touched will be the senior guys.

Sharad: Correct!

Jaffar: We have conveyed the facts about the transaction and the fact that she is not the director. She is only a share holder and the other director is not there…

Sharad: When the transaction occurred she was there sir…that is what?

Jaffar: What!!! What!!!

Sharad: When the transaction took place she was the Director…

Jaffar: Really!!!

Sharad: Yes sir

Conversation Ends…

Purported conversation between Jaffar Sait and Kanimozhi dated 16-02-2011

Kanimozhi: Yes tell me!

Jaffar: If I tell you…you will kick me…(Laughs)

Kanimozhi: What is it?

Jaffar: For the Second time I have been talking to the person who is in custody for the second time (referring to A Raja or Shahid Balwa)

 Kanimozhi: (Laughs) Jaffar: Mam, I will just read out a statement…see if it is in line mam…I just suggested to Boss (Refers to Karunanidhi) ..Boss said ok..I just wanted to keep you informed mam.

Jaffar: Reads out the statement in Tamil 

Kanimozhi: It will be like atleast we are preempting

Jaffar: Yeah…Yes maam.

Kanimozhi: Good…It will be like saving us even as we fall (uses a Tamil Proverb)

Jaffer: Atleast, General Public will think…these buggers are ready they have already given what if they come (Refers to CBI)

Kanimozhi: And we are also preparing them

 Jaffar: Yes yes!! And 10 percent fellows will say that all this is set up.

Kanimozhi: Yes yes…

Jaffar:Atleast 70 percent fellows will say instead of Kalaignar TV surprising us..We have already said we are an open book…so let them read it. Now we are saying you read…we are a library. I just suggested…boss said ok…I thought I will take your opinion. Its better now mam?

Kanimozhi: Yes it’s definitely better…

Jaffar: Yes maam, tomorrow it will be published saying We are ready for CBI investigations says Sharad Kumar…

Kanimozhi: I thought you will save him when he is taken into custody…looks like that is also not going to happen.

Jaffar: You are the only guardian…But I am assisting him a little

Kanimozhi: I thought I will ask them to organize special lunch for this wedding hall (Kanimozhi was kept in a wedding hall after preventive arrest)…Ohhh you will organize it?

Jaffar: You mean DMK? No…No When people are in our custody…it’s the responsibility of the state to provide lunch…

Kanimozhi: The police department should start its own kitchen

Jaffar: Actually my suggestion was that…starting a Centralized kitchen…but DGP is not accepting. I will do it when I become DGP….and please don’t forget me to appoint me as Director General of Police

Lynchpin Jaffer Sait Did PR Job for DMK First Family, Protected Kani  

Purported conversation between DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi and Jaffar Sait, IPS

 Jaffar Sait: In Murosali office…

Kanimozhi: Ohhhh

Jaffar Sait: What are people saying? (Referring to Karunanidhi)… That what Anna people are saying that he is such a (Karunanidhi) good leader and they have earned bad name for him. (Referring to 2G scam) All his achievements have gone in vain. Yes!!! What a blunder it was…

Kanimozhi: hmmm

Jaffar Sait: I told him (A Raja) please take the auction route… please take the auction route…

Kanimozhi: Hmmm… How they work no…huh…Helloo

Jaffar Sait: Yes ma’am…I was very very….i was taken a back

Kanimozhi: Yesterday, he quite a thing of celebration will be there no… that tone was but.

Jaffar Sait: When he was in Tirchy?

Kanimozhi: Yes yes…no no…they won’t say anything…

Jaffar Sait: You will know the mood no ma’am?

Kanimozhi: Yes yes…This is atrocious ya…how they work no…!!! We should scold the grandman for everything…

Jaffar Sait: We have learnt from them and we will beat them…hands down

Kanimozhi: yesss…

Jaffar Sait: And yesterday’s thing again it cropped up…

Kanimozhi: What?

Jaffar Sait: TV issue (Referring to Kalaignar TV issue)

Kanimozhi: Hmmm

Jaffar Sait: Again…boss says nobody told me about this (Referring to Karunanidhi)

Kanimozhi: Aaaiyooo…Aaiyooo…hmmm

Jaffar Sait: This Nira Radia should be shot in the mouth…

Kanimozhi: This man…in that place would have definitely known that enforcement department is tapping… and he should have been the one who should have warned all of us.

Jaffar Sait: If I had known that you are in communication with her…I would have definitely told you and he was aware…

Kanimozhi: I should be little careful. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Jaffar Sait: Ok mam thank you

Kanimozhi: We will talk in Delhi...

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